Best Commercial Treadmills

Fair warning, commercial treadmills are not designed keeping the needs of home users in mind. With that out of the way, there are obvious benefits to owning a commercial grade fitness equipment. One prime benefit is that you get a reliable and long lasting equipment that won’t need much maintenance.

Should You Get A Commercial Treadmill?

If you own a fitness center or gym, then yes by all means check out my top commercial treadmill list below. But for the rest, a commercial treadmill might be overkill unless you are a professional athlete, you plan on entering a marathon soon or are truly serious about your daily workouts.

Also don’t forget that commercial treadmills cost a lot of money. Yes, they have a longer lifespan but the cost itself is a deterrent for many. So many of my clients end up buying a commercial treadmill because they got swayed by all the nice things the salesman said – it just startles me.

We are impulsive creatures and naturally, we don’t usually take the pluses and minuses into account when we make an actual purchase. Up until the point of considering a purchase, we weigh the negatives and positives but our purchase tends to be impulsive. This is something you should avoid at all costs. A commercial treadmill will not improve your workout or give you better results than a cheaper home treadmill.

With that, here’s my comprehensive list of commercial grade treadmills worth considering.

What You Get With Commercial Treadmills

  • Reliability – Commercial treadmills are built to last and naturally they use industrial grade materials. Knobs are better, plastics are firmer and more pliable. The belt and deck are wider as well as cushioned. Reliability is the top priority in commercial treadmills.
  • Loads Of Features – The dashboard of a commercial treadmill will always be large with lots of buttons, maybe a touchscreen and plenty of stuff printed all around it. This is because these treadmills pack a lot of features.
  • Automated Controls – From changing the speed to incline, everything in a commercial treadmill is often automated or rather mechanized. A push of the button changes the incline settings, of which you can have anywhere from five to ten different settings.
  • User Profiles – Home treadmills won’t have more than two or three user profiles. These are profiles used to manually configure workout settings and remember last session data.

Proform Pro 2000 Treadmill

Rated 8.8 out of 10 (See Best Price)

Top pick among commercial grade treadmills, yes the Proform Pro 2000 is expensive but it is also the most endowed in terms of features. Constructed to survive a nuclear fallout, wide as a river and comfortable like your bed, you won’t have any more excuses not to work out. Read my detailed report on the Pro 2000 and why it is the best treadmill from Proform ever.

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Nordictrack C1650 Treadmill

Rated 8.2 out of 10 (See Best Price)

Nordictrack is a company known for its commercial grade equipment and the Nordictrack C1650 is just that – a commercial grade treadmill with everything you will ever need. It is future proof with plenty of nice features. Here’s what I thought about this beast.

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Know The Downsides Too

It is not enough to get the best commercial treadmill. There are plenty of downsides to a commercial treadmill that you should know beforehand. Just because it is commercial grade does not mean it won’t come with baggage.

  • Commercial treadmills cost a lot and often always run above $1000.
  • Because of more moving parts and components, these treadmills need regular maintenance, which is more than simple oiling of the belt and deck.
  • Larger the console and deck, heavier a treadmill is. Besides, they tend to be larger too so space and storage can be a major concern.
  • Commercial treadmills owing to their size and number of parts, tend to require professional assembly. If you are not handy with tools then it can cost extra to have it professionally assembled.
  • Not all commercial treadmills are great just because they have the tag commercial. This is the biggest caveat of commercial treadmills.