Best Treadmill Reviews of 2017

Treadmill Reviews

Treadmills – you either love em’ or hate em’. For me, they are one of the most important parts of any health and fitness regime; because they allow you to simulate a running motion without actually leaving your home; which is great for busy people like myself!

I’ve put together a selection of the best treadmills of 2017 below, as well as buying guides and useful information for you to use. I hope that my reviews will help you to make an educated buying decision, and you’ll be able to quickly identify the best treadmill for your home.

→ The Best Treadmills of 2017

Treadmills – The Ultimate Tool in Fitness

Whether you’re looking to shed some calories, or simply improve your cardiovascular ability, a Treadmill is almost always the best way to go. Running in the cold weather has its own perks, but nothing quite comes close to the sensations you get from using a high quality Treadmill. You’ll benefit from running on a cushioned track, as well as being able to set the machine to operate within strict parameters – such as speed and hill climb progression.

Here at, I want to help you find the best treadmill for you. After reading my treadmill reviews, I hope that you’ll be able to compare each model on its own merits. You’ll be able to determine your individual health and fitness goals, what budget you have for your Treadmill, and how a Treadmill is going to fit into your lifestyle. I’ve also put together some important resources for you to check through, such as my Buying Guide and Comparison Chart.

→Why You Should Get A Treadmill?

Be it doctor’s order or your personal decision to live a healthier life, getting a treadmill is the best decision you will ever make in your life. Now before you start complaining about how a treadmill really isn’t the real deal let’s first take a quick glance at what you get when you sign up for a treadmill workout.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7603 Electric Treadmill

Rated 9 out of 10 (See Best Price)

Well priced, the T7603 from Sunny Health & Fitness packs ample workout profiles, inclination options and rugged construction into a foldable design. Not in the mood to research? You can blindly get the T7603 and I promise you won’t be dissapointed.

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Constant Environment

The very first advantage with a treadmill is the fact that you are well accustomed to the environment on a daily basis. Think of the variables at play when you take a walk outside. The weather will decide what you wear, whether you can take a walk. Then there’s the kind of surface around your neighborhood – is it gravel mostly? Sandy and so on. And when you decide to ramp up the speed, all these variables collectively increase the dangers.

With a treadmill though you have a consistent environment at all times, to which you can adjust in a day or two. Be it the gym or your own home, the humidity, temperature and running surface always stay the same.

Naturally, this makes treadmills considerably more comfortable than any other kind of exercise outdoors. You don’t have to consider the traffic, light levels, weather and hundred other variables. Feel thirsty but ran out of water, hop off and get a new bottle from the fridge! Can you do that outside?

Do note that I don’t advise against running and jogging outdoors. In fact, I advise that too but a treadmill is a safer and more comfortable bet. Once you have the stamina and practice hammered down, you should supplement a few days off the treadmill and out in the open world.

Control Your Pace And Maintain It

With a treadmill, you get to set the pace. This isn’t really a big reason why I advise getting a treadmill but, it surely does factor among them. Why? Because you are in control of your exercise and the master of your training. If you are practicing for some event, a treadmill lets you gradually progress without waning your determination down or putting unnecessary stress on your knees and joints.

When you tire out, you can make a conscious decision to slow down the pace, take a breather or just hop off. When running outside, you have no control on your pace as you can slow down because of fatigue and not even know it. (One way to keep track of your pace outside is to wear a fitness watch or a stepper device).

Options Galore

The first criteria in a treadmill for me is the number of profiles it packs in. In fact, you won’t find a single treadmill in my selection of reviews that doesn’t come with at least 6 different profiles. Some of the common profiles on treadmills that I love include…

  • Manual Profile – No treadmill is complete without a manual profile that lets you choose and tailor your own workout. You can replicate change in terrain by increasing and decreasing the angle of the belt. On some treadmills this is called angle while on most it is called gradient. Next, you can increase the pace or the hardness of your workout if you feel unchallenged. And, finally when you feel tired enough, you can slow down and get back to no gradient.
  • Hill Profile – These profiles tend to automatically alter the inclination or gradient of the treadmill. They replicate changing inclinations as if you were climbing a hill. Hill workouts are way more challenging than other treadmill profiles but it does help improve your overall fitness and lose more calories.
  • Fat Burn Profile – Designed to maintain a steady pulse of 50 to 65% of your maximum heart rate, the fat burn profile relies on your weight and your real time pulse, adjusting the workout accordingly. This kind of profile is not always included with a treadmill unless you pay extra for a heart rate monitor. Expensive models though tend to include a pulse sensor in their models. Nevertheless, buy your own heart rate monitor and sync with your treadmill to help regulate your workout. This is the best way to lose weight without feeling overworked or fatigued. Do remember though that 50 to 65 percent MHR helps burn fat but not calories. To burn maximum calories, you need to push your MHR to near 80%.
  • Cardiovascular Profile – Cardio profiles aim at improving your stamina and cardio functioning. Again this needs a heart rate monitor and depending on the treadmill you use, maybe a chest strap. The aim of this profile is to maintain a steady 65 %to 85% maximum heart rate. Great for those who work out at home and need a quick cardio session. Be advised, do not perform cardio workouts for more than 20 minutes daily, or you may risk fatigue quicker than usual.

Lifespan Tr 1200i Folding Treadmill

Rated 8.4 out of 10 (See Best Price)

21 workout profiles, loads of power, commercial grade quality and the widest running deck I have seen thus far, the TR 1200i from Lifespan is a hot favorite among many fitness centers across the country.

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Confidence Power Plus Treadmill

Rated 7.6 out of 10 (See Best Price)

Just the bare basics for fitness, ideal for folks who need a treadmill to fit with a standing desk. This treadmill is the smallest among all I have reviewed thus far. For those on a tight budget, this is a good buy.

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Protect Your Joints

Treadmills are easier on your joints. Running on concrete or roads will put a lot of strain on your knees and joints. If you run regularly then supplementing with treadmill workouts will help mitigate the impact on your knees. The chances of impact based injuries are significantly lower with a treadmill thanks to the slightly cushioned nature of the belt mechanism. Plus, for those recovering from an injury or with arthritic issues, a treadmill is a safer and reliable option.

HUD For Complete Tracking

One key aspect for any treadmill is its ability to remember user profiles and retain their work out details. I hate any treadmill that does not come with a battery backup to store data. Opt for treadmills that provide a complete HUD with information on calorie burnt, speed, distance covered and several other metrics. This is how you can track your fitness progress over time.

→Road Running Or Treadmills All The Way?

Before you get the idea that I am totally against road running, let me clarify my stance.

Running indoors on a treadmill is safer. This is a fact. However, there are several merits of running outdoors on roads and especially through varying terrain. The key benefit is that you burn a lot more calories outdoors. Almost all fitness professionals agree on this. The theory behind burning calories is that it is completely determined by the rate of oxygen you use and the intensity of workout. Because it is easier to run longer on a treadmill, you end up using much less oxygen. Outdoors, your rate of oxygen consumption doubles and hence you lose a lot more calories.

The way I see it, running outdoors is way more challenging than using a treadmill and here are my reasons why.

  • A treadmill is flat but the real world isn’t.
  • Outdoors you have to deal with wind resistance but on a treadmill you don’t have that as a major factor.
  • The treadmill doesn’t entirely depend on your movement. In other words, it is powered meaning you expend less energy with your stride and rhythm.

Basically, if the distance and gradient is set, you spend a lot more calories doing it outside rather than a treadmill. However, a treadmill is safer, easier to get used to and you can do it every single day whenever you want to. And as far as burning more calories is concerned, you can always increase the gradient of your treadmill and the pace. To mimic the effect of wind resistance outside, just keep your treadmill at 1-degree inclination higher than your intended inclination.

Remember, if calories are what you are after then get a heart rate monitor. Whether you run outdoors or on a treadmill, try and maintain your heart rate within 65% to 85% of your MHR. On a treadmill, keep playing with the incline and speed to stay within your target heart rate.

→Staying Safe With A Treadmill

The number of times I have seen folks stumble on a treadmill, have an unexpected accident is just incredible. Fact is, this equipment looks deceptively simple but really isn’t. There are just a few things you should keep in mind with a treadmill.

Look Forward Always

A common mistake, people tend to gravitate towards what they see. Meaning, don’t look down at your feet or elsewhere. Keep your focus straight ahead at all times. Your feet follow your eyes and by staying dead center, straight ahead will ensure that you don’t rock too much to the sides or have uneven strides.

Try Not To Use Handrails

If you are walking on a treadmill, handrails are fine. But using them for too long will strain your elbows and shoulders. Besides, when you feel the need to use the handrail, it means you are pushing yourself too much. Better reduce the incline or the speed to a level you are comfortable with. Handrails are there when you want to dismount the treadmill during a run or a jog. It isn’t there to help you use the machine! And besides, holding the rails reduces the effort needed and naturally cuts down the calories burnt.

Start By Standing On The Deck

Treadmills have a built-in safety feature that prevents them beginning at a high pace. They are supposed to gradually speed up. However, malfunctions can change that. Best practice is to always stand on the deck with each feet on either side of the belt. Wait for the treadmill to hit a mild pace and then get on it carefully.

Never Increase Or Decrease The Inclination And Speed Together

Always change the speed or the incline separately. Give your body a few seconds to adjust to the changed settings before attempting another change.

Avoid Barefoot

Because a treadmill is powered, running barefoot is a bad idea. You can get blisters, scrapes and burns barefoot. And if you use a treadmill in the gym, don’t even think of going barefoot. Because of its public access nature, it can be a petri dish for fungus, bacteria and what not.

→Buying A Treadmill? Let Us Do The Research

Pick one, make payment, get it home – easy right? Well, not exactly. Before you end up with a huge investment that sits in your garage gathering dust, you might want to do some research of your own. Look at the features it comes with, what kind of user profiles and does it use a lot of space. Some of you may not have the requisite space for a treadmill at home. You can get a foldable model in that case. And finally, what kind of support will you get from the manufacturer in terms of repair, replacement and warranty.

If you are ready to do your own analysis, then my buying guide is what you need. But if you simply want to start browsing models to purchase, you can read through my reviews and select one. I only pick the best treadmills on the market. Some I have used previously in various gyms that I instructed at and some I have helped my clients procure.