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With our reviews we help consumers to find the absolute best inversion table for their needs every single day. With the help of my website and my exhaustive research, you’ll be able to sift through inversion table reviews to find the perfect inversion table for you. Moreover, with buying guides and other articles, you’ll learn what features to look for when purchasing an inversion table, which brands are the most reliable and which inversion table is right for you.

→ The Best Inversion Tables of 2017

→Inversion Therapy Can Help With Disc Problems

For those looking to learn about the top Inversion Tables, I put together a comprehensive list of reviews for you to read. As a health fitness and nutrition specialist, I come across clients all the time who have all kinds of back-related problems, including herniated discs, bulging discs and disc degeneration. The primary cause of all of these problems is gravity – and its natural negative effect on the body through continuous pressure. Thankfully, one of the benefits provided by inversion therapy is that they allow you to deal directly with the root cause of your back problems – gravity.

I strongly recommend Inversion Therapy to every single one of my clients as a way to proactively fight the gravity’s effects. Disc problems are a major concern. Suffering with disc-related problems can be incredibly hard on the body. They can lead to a huge decrease in quality of life, decrease sleep quality, and even lead to depression. For all of these reasons, it is best to take a proactive approach to address these problems before they begin. Because inversion therapy removes pressure on your discs, you are often able to repair the damage caused.

However, if your discs are so damages that they cannot be repaired, inversion therapy can still help to address some of the symptoms. Inversion therapy can greatly reduce any day-to-day pain you might be going through. Although I never guarantee that inversion tables will be a complete fix, I strongly believe that inversion therapy is very effective at handling the root cause of the problem. By doing inversion table exercises every day, you are able to lower the stress on your back and build core strength. It’s also worth mentioning that each inversion tables is different; and that’s why I have review many of the best inversion tables to help you pick the one that is right for you. I should note here that some sources claim that inversion therapy doesn’t offer long-term back pain relief; but only temporarily masks the problem (Source: MayoClinic).

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→Inversion Tables – The Benefits To You

Dozens of Universities and research facilities have published research showing that inversion therapy is highly effective for improving posture and healing the spine. Here are some of the key benefits of inversion therapy:

  • Improved Posture: Inversion Therapy helps you realign your spinal column, improving your whole posture. Many people walk with a bad posture which can, over time, cause real problems to the human body. Inversion therapy will help you to restore your bodies free and natural posture.
  • Muscle relaxation: Your muscles are always working. Even when you are asleep, your muscles very likely tense and not relaxed. Inversion Therapy actually allows your muscles to finally relax.
  • Disc Rejuvenation: The discs of your spine are hugely important, but most people are completely unaware that they even exist. With regular inversion therapy, you’ll release the pressure on your discs, allowing rejuvenating nutrients to be pulled into your spinal discs. Inversion Therapy also aids in the healing process of damaged discs – including bulging discs, thinning discs, degenerated discs, herniated discs and natural disc degeneration.
  • Improved Blood Circulation: As time goes by and you age, your natural circulatory system will grow less effective. Inversion Therapy helps to reverse these effects. As you use an inversion table, you’ll be able to improve your blood circulation which will positively affect your day-to-day activities.
  • Maintained Height: As you are may already know, as you age, you naturally become shorter. Inversion Therapy can combat this aging effect by aligning and strengthening your spine. Regular use of your inversion table will provide you with positive effects you begin to age.
  • Preventative Care: Inversion Tables are not just for those with already existing problems; they can also be great for preventing future problems. Read inversion table reviews and learn which inversion table is right for you. Begin now and prevent problems from popping up in the future.
  • Back Pain: Inversion Therapy has been shown both clinically and scientifically to alleviate many of the symptoms of back pain – including acute pain in the spinal column. Inversion Therapy improves blood circulation, and it also promotes healthy rejuvenation and replenishment of the spinal discs. A lot of the best inversion tables have added features, such as acupressure nodes to enhance the rejuvenation process.
  • Inversion Table Risks: There have not been any published studies, either medically or scientifically that have shown that inversion tables have any risk. Rather, there is a great number of studies that show that inversion therapy can help treat back pain.

Ironman IFT 4000 Inversion Table

Rated 8.8 out of 10 (See Best Price)

Extremely easy to assemble, the Ironman IFT 4000 Inversion Table comes packed with features and sturdy construction that is sure to help with all your back problems. Just remember to stick to the instruction manual and take things slow. My favorite, this model from Ironman is comfortable too.

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Do Inversion Tables Really Work For Chronic Back Pain?

Especially at this price point, it’s really important that you know for sure that it’s going to work before you make your purchase, and you want to know for sure that what you are doing is safe. Fortunately, it seems like the a vast body of evidence has come together to suggest that there are no serious risks associated with inversion therapy. However, that said, it is always best that you consult a doctor before beginning inversion therapy.

We’ve written a really thorough article describing inversion therapy its effects on both short-term and long-term back pain. We’ve learned that it’s best to use inversion therapy as just one piece in a larger strategy of a healthy lifestyle. Using a mult-faceted approach, you will experience rejuvenation throughout your whole spine, allowing your body to begin to heal any damage that’s been done.

Research shows that inversion therapy can reverse the damage caused by years of gravity compressing your spine. Even though we don’t tend to notice the daily impacts this constant compression has, over time the pressure accumulates, and our spines pay the price. Inversion therapy allows you to relieve this pressure, allowing your spine to be naturally pulled into a natural healthy posture. In just 10 minutes your spine begins to heal itself, and your blood is able to better circulate throughout your whole body. However, it’s crucial that you select the right inversion table for your personal needs. There isn’t any one best inversion table, because spine is different and everyone has different needs. You should look for a table that is well built, sturdy, and secure above all else, but it also needs to be comfortable enough that you will use it every day.

Everyone always asks “Do Inversion Tables Really Work?,” and my usual response is “absolutely, but it depends on your specific situation.” Decades of research has shown that inversion therapy can help to mask the pain and even allow the spine to heal itself. Inversion Tables provide your spine with a much needed break, letting it relax from the harmful long-term effects of gravity.

Inversion therapy is usually advertised for short-term and long-term use to reduce back pain, but inversion tables also can help to provide you with an all-around healthier lifestyle. If you plan to use an inversion table to help you to address chronic back pain, I highly recommend you read my inversion table reviews. For a more in-depth look at how inversion therapy can help with back pain, I suggest reading this page.

Even though I recommend the use of inversion tables for both back health and personal fitness, it’s really important for you to pick the inversion table table that is right for you. I’ve done countless examinations of all of the best inversion tables on the market, and I have found that only a few specific models up-to-snuff. My in-depth reviews on the top inversion tables will help you decide which one is the best choice for you.

Besides helping relieve chronic back pain, Inversion Therapy helps with other health issues as well. The Global Healing Center has claimed that inversion therapy can be an effective treatment for kidney stones when it is combined with other treatments.

Before you read any of my inversion table reviews, read this:

Finding the best inversion table for you is about learning what features to look for, and what brands will be the best for your unique needs. Although every inversion table is basically made to do one thing – provide inversion therapy; it’s important to know that the latest models come with other features. One example, is that many of the best inversion tables are built to allow you to use them for exercise in addition to regular inversion therapy. With these models, you can do all kinds of inversion table exercises, including inverted crunches, sit-ups and inverted squats. Some of these tables, like the Ironman ATIS 1000, are marketed for their “ab-building” capabilities – which can be good to know if you want to tone up your abs. My inversion table reviews will tell you everything you might want to know – including what I have found the inversion therapy table to be best suited for, and its specific advantages and disadvantages are.

→Inversion Tables – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the dangers of Inversion Table Therapy?

Although there are a few risks with inversion therapy, they are mostly associated with long-term misuse of the products. Using your inversion table too frequently, or exercising too long can increase your risk of damaging your spine. I recommend that you read this article to learn more about inversion therapy.

Q. What Are The Risks Of Inversion Therapy?

As mentioned above, there are some risks associated with inversion therapy, but these should only arise if you work your body too hard. It’s crucial that you take your time and listen to your body as you begin your inversion therapy practice.

Q. Are Inversion Tables bad for my knees?

Inversion Tables are not associated with damaging the knees. In fact, studies show that inversion therapy can help to build the muscle and bone structure of the legs, including around your knees.

Q. Can Inversion Tables help with my Back Pain?

Inversion Therapy is  most commonly touted for its ability to help alleviate back pain. The most common problems addressed with inversion therapy are sciatica pain and lower back pain. For all the information you could want about using inversion therapy to cure back pain, please read our in-depth article on back pain.

Q. Are there any special benefits to Inversion Therapy boots?

Inversion Boots are only good for people who are already very fit, with a muscular build. If you suffer from back pain, or you haven’t begun any form exercise regime, we advise that you avoid using inversion therapy boots.

Q. What is the best Inversion Table?

In my own personal opinion and practice as a physio, I find myself most commonly recommending the Teeter Hang-Ups EP-960 for about $400, and the Ironman ATIS 1000 for about $200.

Q. Does Inversion Therapy really work?

I have done my own research on inversion therapy, and I found it worked extremely well when combined with a healthy lifestyle. If you want to learn about inversion therapy and its benefits, read this article.

Q. How much should I spend on my inversion table?

The most expensive options aren’t always the best inversion tables. I always tell my clients to look to spend anywhere from $150 to $400 on their home inversion table, and I recommend you only spend more once you find success with your own inversion therapy treatment.

→Things I Check In An Inversion Table


When looking for the right inversion table for you, remember to consider how sturdy it is. Although inversion tables are generally fairly sturdy, you may want to consider a model that is of a heavier duty if you have a heavier build. Because you will be trusting this thing to hold you upside down, you want to be sure that your table is built using high quality materials. A great way to judge how well-made an inversion table really is, is by reading my inversion table reviews. With my reviews, you’ll see how verified purchasers have rated the inversion table and in many of my reviews you will be able to read a week-by-week case study where I have asked my clients to provide their own personal experiences with the table. The best inversion tables are very well-regarded for their durability, providing you with a sense of security as you invert and stretch. My reviews evaluate the reliability and build quality of each table against competitors – helping to decide which inversion table is best for you.

Build Quality

The build quality of your inversion therapy table should generally correspond to the price you are willing to pay for it. As you might imagine, investing more in a table will generally result in a better overall build quality. Some things to look for are comfortable padding, steel frames, additional features (like ab-building capabilities) and secure harnesses. You will want your inversion table to last for a long time, so read my inversion table reviews to help decide which table will last the longest. When looking for an inversion table, you need to be careful not to buy one of a poor quality – so always  opt for a high-quality and well-built inversion table when possible. In general, a high quality inversion table will be comprised of solid materials that aren’t prone to breaking – like stainless steel.


Everyone has a budget, and it’s good to know what your price point is if you want to buy an inversion table. The most affordable, most entry-level and basic inversion tables can be purchased for around $100; but the best inversion tables can cost over $1,000. As with most things, the bigger your budget, the better the inversion table that you will be able to purchase. Some features that you may look for as your budget increases are; higher build quality, advanced inversion therapy dynamics, higher quality safety harnesses and increased brand value. My reviews all list an up-to-date retail price of the inversion table. Generally, you will get a more full-featured inversion therapy experience if you spend upwards of $400+. My reviews all include the price band of the model being reviewed.


Just like any other product you might buy, the brand you choose is very important. To some, buying from high-end American manufacturers is important. For others, going with a Chinese no-brand model can be more cost-effective. Some of the higher-quality, higher priced Inversion Table brands are Teeter & Ironman. There many other brands that are in a “medium” reputation category; but these probably aren’t worth mentioning since you will likely find them yourself. Overall, the most important choice when it comes to buying an Inversion Table is your budget; and how to best spend your budget to get the best inversion table possible. I do my best to provide comprehensive and unbiased budget guidance in my reviews – so you can find the best inversion table for your budget, based on a variety of factors.


Since inversion tables can be quite an investment, you’ll want to know how long your warranty will last. Most customers use their inversion table everyday to help them to address their chronic back pain. Because of that, it’s always smart to know inversion tables can and will wear down and break with daily use. If and when this happens, it’s great to be able to have a warranty to get a new inversion table straight from the manufacturer. Read our inversion table reviews for warranty information on different inversion tables.


Although I like to think my inversion table reviews are both fair and in-depth; I would never suggest anyone only rely on my individual opinion of each model. Reviews and preferences can differ from person-to-person, and because of this, I advise you to read other reviews and comparisons. There countless websites that offer side-by-side reviews of inversion tables – and these will provide you with an overall more holistic perspective. If ten people give an inversion table 5 out of 5 stars, then it’s pretty likely that the table is of a high quality, affordability and durability and is a good choive. Getting more perspectives, and finding reviews from both review sites and verified purchasers will allow you to make a more intelligent buying decision.


Finding the best inverion table doesn’t need to be hard. At Inversion Table Land, we’ve pulled together articles, buying guides and how-to’s to help you to make the best buying decision possible. The best inversion table for your needs will be determined by all of the previously mentioned factors – with the most important being budge. When it really comes down to it, inversion tables all do the same thing – help you to rejuvenate your upper and lower back. Another added benefit of inversion tables is the great help you can get from the inversion community. There are all kinds of websites that offer advice on the risks, benefits, and healing properties of inversion therapy. Our community is extremely close and tight-knit. We will always go out of our way to help you.

Comparison Chart

If you are ready to begin your analysis, then read my buying guide first. But if you think you have zeroed in on the features you need, start selecting models using the comparison chart.