Is It Worth To Buy An Adjustable Bed?

After a long day at the workplace or attending household chores, you deserve a good rest. As such, a good bed comes in handy. If you’ve been into the market lately, you’ll realize that there are a wide range of beds, some being adjustable while others are non-adjustable. An adjustable bed has a combination of adjustable bases that can tilt your mattress to allow you to sleep in different positions. The bases can be raised or lowered independently to give you your desired sleeping position. Originally, adjustable beds were seen as exclusively for hospitals and clinics as they were used majorly to enhance the flow of blood and oxygen of patient to speed up their recovery from certain ailments or surgeries.

Adjustable bed manufacturers realized that even people who are in stable health wanted the comfort and convenience that the beds offer. As such, as from the 20th century, the beds gained remarkable popularity outside healthcare facilities and are now not a new thing in many homes. On the other hand, a non-adjustable one is static; it doesn’t offer the position versatility the adjustable ones provide.

If you compare the prices of the normal beds and the adjustable beds, you realize that the latter are pricier. Perhaps you are here because you wondering whether it is really worth to pay extra bucks for an adjustable bed, while you can have a conventional one at a lower price. Well, to help you make an informed decision, we are going to look at both the pros and cons of an adjustable bed.

Pros and cons an adjustable bed


1. Extra comfort

With a conventional bed, you might spend the better part of the night rolling back and forth as you try to find that sweet spot, especially when you are extremely tired/fatigued or have a disruptive sleep condition. Eating heavy meals and drinking too much caffeine just before bed might make you to struggle to find a comfortable sleeping position to fall asleep. Fortunately, this is a problem that you won’t experience if you have a good adjustable bed. You can adjust it to help you find and maintain the best comfortable sleeping position within with the touch of a button.

2. Pain relief

Sometimes, you might be experiencing some pain or aches from an injury, physical stress or ailment such as arthritis, spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis and frozen shoulders and falling asleep becomes a struggle when you are on an ordinary bed. In some cases, a conventional bed might escalate the pain or ache due to poor posture. In such a case, an adjustable bed can be very helpful. Besides giving you a comfortable sleeping position, an adjustable bed with a cyclo-therapy massage system can help to relieve the pain.

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The technology offers vibration therapy and comprehensive massage which have been proven by medics to contribute to the relief of pains and aches. Some models even offer lumbar support, which is very helpful for people with lower back pain.  Through pain and ache relief, the bed prepares your body and mind for sleep.

3. Offers desired posture for other activities

Apart from sleeping, you might want to spend more time in your bedroom sleeping, reading your favorite book, watching TV, breastfeeding, or eating from the comfort of your bed. With an ordinary bed, it’s difficult to achieve the right posture for the activity. On the other hand, with an adjustable bed, you’ll just incline it to your favorite ergonomic rest positions and do that which you want to do without straining.

4. Independence

If you have a bedmate/partner, sometimes you might find that their best sleeping angle isn’t ideal for you. Unfortunately, different-size pillows may not be of much help no matter how comfortable your conventional bed is. In such a case, an adjustable split-queen or split-king bed will be the ultimate solution. With the bed, you can move and adjust your bed area’s elevation and sleep in your desired posture without disturbing the other person you are sharing the bed with.

5. Minimal maintenance

Unlike other beds some of which require air pumping while others need regular water changes and some greasing, adjustable beds are low-maintenance. Once an adjustable bed is well assembled, mostly, that’s all… it is ready to carry you for years without any other maintenance whatsoever!

6. USB ports

Do you find yourself moving from your bed frequently to charge your phone or tablet? It’s quite inconveniencing, right? Do you want to do something about it without necessarily having to install a power socket near your bed or changing your bedroom’s arrangement? An adjustable bed with USB ports can be of great help. However, since charging convenience isn’t the primary aim of adjustable beds, some of them don’t come with the ports. Considering the ports are extra features, the beds bearing them are more expensive than those that don’t have. However, if you need the charging convenience, why mind paying a few bucks more?


Despite all the above benefits of adjustable beds, they have a few downsides as well. Here are the major drawbacks of the beds.

1. Expensive

As earlier mentioned, adjustable beds are mostly more expensive than conventional beds. Those with extra features such as massagers and charging ports are the most expensive.

2. Higher breakdown risks

 Due to the presence of motors to allow efficient movement of bed parts, adjustable beds, just like other electronics are susceptible to breakdowns. Fortunately, the breakdowns are highly likely to occur during the initial months of use, which are mostly covered by comprehensive warranties. Therefore, this may not translate to any loss on your side and you have little to worry about if the adjustable bed you buy has at least one year of comprehensive warranty.

3. Heavy weight

Adjustable beds, particularly the high-end ones are heavier than the ordinary ones. It’s not a wonder to get one weighing more than 100 pounds. The heavy weight is not only problematic while assembling the bed but also while moving it from one point to another.

 4. Injury risk

If not handled properly, the moving parts of an adjustable bed can injure a person.

Parting Shot

In the midst of the above cons, an adjustable bed is a worthy buy, particularly for people who need more comfortable sleeping posture with or without therapeutic massage benefit, and/or back/neck/shoulder pain relief. However, you need to be cautious while handling the bed to avoid injuries.

sleep so much

Why do I sleep too much

Sleep is essential. It helps the body to relax, rest and replenish the old cells. However, sleep is only reasonable, healthy and vital if it’s in the medically and scientifically recommended timelines. An average healthy adult is expected to sleep at least seven to nine hours a night, according to the Sleep Foundation

Oversleeping may come as a result of hard work in a day, working late in the night especially when revising for an exam or working to meet some set deadlines. Such sleep is considered normal and is seen as a way of the body trying to repay the time that should have been spent in sleep. If your oversleeping is due to fatigue, don’t worry. That’s normal.

Oversleeping can be as a result of a severe medical issue and requires proper attention whenever experienced. It could be as a result of the following reasons;


Depression is one of the major causes of oversleeping of sleep. Though depression affects people differently, oversleeping may be familiar to many people because the brain cells are tired in the state of depression. To find out whether you are depressed, you have to check if you are showing other depression symptoms such as poor concentration, loss or weight gain, delayed thinking, low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, feeling unwanted and unappreciated. It’s advisable to visit your doctor once you suspect you might be suffering from depression to receive professional care that will see your sleep pattern come back to normal.

Sleeping sickness

Sleeping sickness is another major cause of oversleeping. As the name suggests, it’s a sleeping sleekness where a person can sleep at any place and at any time. This condition makes one sleep excessively and may be caused by a bite from Tse Tse flies or narcolepsy which is a condition in which the brain is unable to control the cycles of sleep. This condition is common in hot areas especially near pools of water or herds of cattle. If you suspect to have this condition, please visit your doctor for further assistance.

Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea occurs due to frequent interruptions of the breathing pattern which affects the bodies’ ability to refresh itself during the night. One wakes up very tired in the morning and feels like they haven’t had enough sleep and therefore the tendency to oversleep. Some of the common symptoms of sleep apnea include drowsiness, forgetfulness and headaches. Please consult your doctor if you experience any of these symptoms.


When you are ill, you are likely to have an unusual sleep pattern. It’s the bodies’ mechanism to hibernate through sleep in sickness to reduce the general functioning of the body to provide further attention to fighting disease-causing micro-organism. If you feel ill, you need to visit your doctor for a diagnosis.

Sleeping Drugs

Taking sleeping pills before you go to bed can be the cause for your oversleeping. The drugs interfere with the regular sleeping pattern of the body by interfering with the brain sleep cycle which ends up making one oversleep. If you desire to stop the abnormal sleeping pattern, it’s advisable to prevent the intake of the sleeping pills or consult your doctor for guidance.


Staying without a job can be a great motivator to oversleeping. In the hard economic periods, being without a job means lack of an income and consequently lack of basic needs. This may lead to stress and depression which is a significant cause of oversleeping. Being unemployed also leads to interrupted sleeping patterns which may lead to oversleeping.

Sleep is essential, and every effort to make sure that the sleep pattern is reasonable should be taken to promote healthy living.