About Me

My name is Sarah Palin. For the past 21-years, I’ve been heavily involved in the health, fitness and nutrition space. I firmly believe that through making better choices, we can live happier and more fulfilled lives. I believe that the key to our happiness is through the food we eat, the liquids we drink and how we choose to live our life.

  • I am a qualified personal trainer. I am certified AFAA and have been since 2005.
  • I am a certified health, fitness and well-being coach, as well as being certified in some areas of counselling; mostly related towards physical injuries.
  • I have completed numerous first aid courses.

Qualifications and titles aside, I am just a normal person living a normal life in the sunny (or not so) city of Detroit. I’m 38-years old, and have two children; Amy and Lewis. They are my world, and always have been since they stepped foot into the world for the first time. Little bundles of joy that are always happy; no matter how bad their day has been.

When I’m not looking after my two beautiful children, you’ll find me running my own gym out in Detroit. I have always been passionate about self-improvement and wellbeing, and running my own gym was my way of giving back to the community. Through the years, I’ve tried every diet, pill, fitness regime and “scam” that’s made the rounds. I’ve gone through dozens of treadmill models, and managed to use over 200 different models of exercise equipment. To some, that probably makes me qualified enough to write reviews about the products I have used over and over.

However, I go one step further. I ask my customers to review the products they are using (in my gym). By gathering independent feedback from my customers, I can continue to buy products that satisfy not only my needs, but also my customers needs. Together, between myself and my customers, I am sure that we can help provide you with the help, guidance and knowledge you need to make educated guesses as to the best route to take your life.

If you have any questions, feel free to visit the Contact Me page and drop me a line (or two).

Best regards,
Sarah Palin – qualified personal trainer and certified health, fitness and well-being coach.