Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Embarrassment of Game Change

The move Game Change on HBO made me feel for Sarah Palin who was not only thrown onto the national stage without being prepared, but she was thrown into the den of vipers that was the John McCain Presidential campaign.

I know that this was orchestrated to be a hit piece on Sarah Palin, but I believe the senior campaign strategist Steve Schmidt and senior advisor Nicolle Wallace looked worse.  The two were obviously the leaks that made the book Game Change and the movie possible.  So many of the conversations were just between Sarah Palin and one of those two, so who is the source?  We know Sarah Palin didn't talk to either Mark Halperin or John Heilemann, the authors of Game Change.   That leaves only two possibilities.

The authors claim they have several sources for every alleged fact, but there are too many instances when it can only be one source.  And too many times it is either Schmidt or Wallace.  Which leads one to believe that there was an agenda.

I don't think there was malice.  Sarah Palin was collateral damage in the vipers trying to save their own skin, to cover their own failures.  Schmidt and Wallace both did great disservice to John McCain, Sarah Palin, the Republican party, the process and to this country.  They should be ashamed.

They both have a cozy relationship with the press and made bad decision after bad decision because of that relationship.  And then when things went badly, they used that relationship to blame others, especially Sarah Palin.  And now both of them are regulars on MSNBC.  They are both pathetic sell-outs.

Schmidt had an opportunity in 2008 and blew it.  To use his own words, "Sarah Palin is a star."   McCain was ahead coming out of the Palin's speech at the Republican convention and Schmidt blew it.  He was working more for the media than the campaign and fed Palin to the monster.

Nicolle Wallace, whose job it was to prepare Palin, said she wouldn't work with Palin after the Katie Couric interview.  I am certain the feeling was mutual.   What a noble campaign soldier Nicolle Wallace is to quit an assignment in the middle of a campaign.  I am certain she didn't give the money back.

And then after being re-assigned, Nicole Wallace admits that she didn't vote, stabbing John McCain in the back once again.

Game Change makes you feel for Sarah Palin that she was forced to work for these traitors.  I can't imagine they will ever work for another campaign.  After showing their true colors, they both joined forces with the team they were doing covert-ops for all along - the media.   They both sold out John McCain and Sarah Palin for the good of themselves.

The movie tried to make Schmidt and Wallace the stars, but understand that the movie is THEIR version of events and they both have an agenda of self-preservation.

I am so sorrowful today that Sarah Palin had to suffer the vipers bite once again.


Anonymous said...

What makes you think the stuff is even true. Schmidt hardly spent any time with Palin. The two men that prepped Gov. Palin for the debate called Schnmidt a liar. The Courie interview was in Sept and from that point on Wallace had nothing to do with Palin. Go to They have interviews from lots of Palin aides during the campaign. The ones that were actually with her. The ones the corrypt MSM won't put on the air. Everyone of them call the Game change movie fiction and nothing but a bunch of lies.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is the GOPs only chance to get rid of Obama. So since she's not running. Guess what? We're screwed!

Anonymous said...

Palin was not the best chance of beating Obama, if she ran Obama would win in a landslide. This lady is fake and thank god she is not getting close to the WH. Anyone who thinks differently is a moron.

Defendereagle said...

Anonymous, What makes you think you have a corner on the integrity, popularity, and abilitys of who was one of the most popular governors in our nation. She has impeccable integrity in that she went against several of her own party who were corrupt and got rid of them at the potential expense of her own carrear. She knows more about the oil business than all of the Democrats in Congress put together. With her experience as a mayor, on boards, and as a Govenor, she had more executive experience than McCain and Obama together. She has a respect for human life that should be a model for our nation.
Sarah Palin understands the values our nation was founded upon better than most of our elected officials in DC - and certainly better than anyone in the Democratic Party.
Ananomus and those of it's ilk have no concept of these values or they would not call those who support Pailan and other conservatives morons. Values like loving liberty, self reliance, a federal government limited to do only those things that our citizens and the states can't easily do for themselves - the government described by our Constitution. And most important of all, a nation under God.

Robert S Welch Jr. said...

I am a Obama supporter but I admit Palin and McCain earned my respect and admiration in different ways during and after the last election. After seeing the Game Change movie I felt the writers of that movie should be ashamed for the way they portrayed Sarah Palin. It just proves it still is a mans world instead of every body's world. Politics was more fun to watch on the networks when she was on there all the time. I was proud to see America elect the first deserving Black President but it seems the writers of the movie are trying to set women back from achieving the same accomplishment. Being a African American male I was ashamed of the depiction in that movie. People know it is just Hollywood I hope. she should have sued them.

Anonymous said...

Sara Palim, can be an excellent Secretary of State to go to other countries, I am sure the tragedy that killed the Ambassador and the other three Americans would have not happen, as Sara is a very responsable person, her actions show that.