Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Iowa First, Then New Hampshire

We now know that Sarah Palin is leaving her highly anticipated Labor Day Weekend speech in Iowa to head to New Hampshire, but we still don't know if she is running for President.

Sarah speaks in Iowa on Saturday. Iowa, of course, being the site of the first big political contest of the 2012 Presidential election. And now she scheduled to speak at an afternoon Tea Party rally on Monday at Veterans Square Park in Manchester. The New Hampshire primary is the second contest in the race for the Presidency.

So is Sarah Palin running or just toying with the media? She has yet to rule out joining the Republican presidential race and she is not expected to announce her intentions during her weekend visits to the early voting states.

Mitt Romney was previously scheduled to deliver a speech at the Tea Party rally on Labor Day. But he decided to adjust his schedule to join Gov. Rick Perry of Texas and other candidates at a forum in South Carolina on Monday sponsored by Senator Jim DeMint, Republican of South Carolina. Sarah Palin was also invited to the forum, but likes her own stage.

Mrs. Palin has said that she will make her intentions known by the end of September. Her associates believe that she is considering three options: pledging her support for the presidential bid of Mr. Perry, declaring her own candidacy or holding off on making a decision about which candidate to support.

Political analysts have made much out of the fact that Sarah Palin has not put together and organization, she has not raised money for a run and she still works at Fox News (News Gingrich and Rick Santorum left Fox when they were going to run). But Sarah Palin is a different kind of politician and her loyal following allows her to make her own rules. She will be able to raise money and an organization quickly. As for Fox, she can take a leave of abseence anytime.

The next month is going to be fascinating in Sarah Palin world, where traditional political rules do noty apply.

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