Friday, February 12, 2010

Support David Broder Who Is Under Attack For A Pro-Palin Column

It is mind boggling how low the Anti-Palin forces in the Main Stream Media will sink. They will even go after one of their own.

David Broder may be the the most respected columnist in Washington. They call him "the dean" of the Washington press corp.

And yet, because he had the audacity to say positive things about Sarah Palin in his latest column, the long knives are out. The same Washington media elites who once loved Broder and elevated him to the stature of living legend are now ready to take him out.

The latest to attack on Broder is Michael J.W. Stickings, a hack who can't come close to David Broder in character, class or talent. Stickings writes:

David Broder, WaPo columnist and "dean" of the Beltway press corps, may or may not be a moron but certainly writes and says more than his share of moronic things. I realize that he's been there a long time and that some think he's deserving of respect for his longevity, and that some even buy into his idiotic faith in bipartisanship, which really means Republican-friendly centrism, and that some of his admiring peers think he stands above the partisan fray, which allows them to think ever so highly of themselves, but Broder continues to prove that he doesn't have a clue, and that he is so enamored of himself and his supposed above-the-frayness that he has lost contact, if he ever had it, with what is going on both within the Beltway and without.

Read that paragraph closely. You can feel the hatred from the left for anyone who dare admire Sarah Palin. Stickings can't just disagree with Broder, he calls him "mornonic," "idiotic" and he "doesn't have a clue."

Broder is a Pulitzer prize winner, a professor at the University of Maryland, a 44 year veteran with The New York Times, Washington Post and Meet The Press and he is maybe the most respected journalist in Washington. Broder is known for being a non-partisan centrist.

Stickings is none of those things - and less. Stickings, in short, is not qualified to get coffee for David Broder.

I will not post a ling to the Stickings childish, name calling, poorly written article.

But i will re-post a link to David Broder's Washington Post article. These days success is measured by the number of hits an article gets on the internet. Please read and re-read the article. Pass it on to friends. Make comments at the end of the article.

And click here to send David Broder a message of support. Lets support someone who comes under attack from the left just for saying nice things about Sarah Palin.

I encourage other Sarah Palin blogs to do the same.


Teresa said...

David Broder did an excellent job of pointing out why Palin connects with average Americans and is so popular. I hope she runs in 2012. I believe she is one person that can beat Obama.

Anonymous said...

"And then I do want to be a voice for some common-sense solutions. I'm never going to pretend like I know more than the next person. I'm not going to pretend to be an elitist.



Teresa said...

You are such a sucker for the Left Stream Media.

The RNC paid for the clothes. She returned the clothes after the campaign. She usually shops at thrift stores.

This shows how sexist the MSM is and that you bought into their lies.

Anonymous said...

Teresa, by now you should realize that they only can write what they are told by others. Not an original thought in their feeble little minds. Since she was followed around like crazy during the campaign, I wonder why there is NOT one single photograph of her shopping at Neimans, Saks, etc. I do recall that when she sopped at a Wal-Mart to get diapers there were plenty of pictures, but yet none when she is allegedly shopping at big name stores. Oh, I know she went there in the middle of the night (that will be the retort). In any event, when did she have the time? She did wear some of her own clothes during the campaign also.

Anonymous said...

You are such a sucker for the Left Stream Media.

The RNC paid for the clothes. She returned the clothes after the campaign. She usually shops at thrift stores.

This shows how sexist the MSM is and that you bought into their lies.


Anonymous said...

I don't care who buys Palin her clothes, this nonsense has been going on forever. Remember Pat Nixon's "good Republican cloth coat"? None of us hate Palin. She is just soooo easy to take pot shots at. Face it, Romney and Pawlenty are far more serious challengers than Palin, but they don't go around making fools of themselves at every turn. The only threat Palin represents is that there are a lot of ignorant, stupid people out there that buy into her simplistic "common sense" remedies. This is the scary part.

Elle Leet

Anonymous said...

No Teresa, Palin does not shop at thrift stores. She shops at consignment stores where she bought a $1,000 Escada jacket for $500. A real steal. Not exactly Goodwill.

Anonymous said...

You are all so easy to make fun of since you do not have in your collective minds a single thing to say that is detrimental (please note and go and check it out since it more than two syllables) about Gov. Palin. Elle Leet, you really have no clue about what your moniker means because you are illiterate. Sorry, but that is what you are and I will not give you a pass. Keep on spewing out your nonsensical "facts" since you have been proven time and time again to being an idiot. We all get a laugh. "oh, she had a bracelet that was wrong", again, you were wrong, "oh, she did this and that" again WRONG. It's OK, we know that you are mentally challenged, so all we do is laugh at your comments. Maybe you should post at anti-Palin sites (we know that there are a few of them) so you should find some people (about 50) that believe like you do.

Michael Niland said...

I see that you, too, are outraged, Anonymous, but it's hard for me to take you seriously if you won't stand behind what you say.

Yeah, I think Broder was right about Palin. I don't think he went far enough, actually, but when I first read the column it really stood out as the one editorial on the Post that day that wasn't sexist.

So I re-posted it. And I tore Michael Stickings apart a little, too.

I promise someone will eventually get the Huffington Post for libel.

Anonymous said...

Oh Anon. I did not give myself the name Elle Leet. You and Sarah did. How am I illiterate?

Anonymous said...

Teresa, by now you should realize that they only can write what they are told by others. Not an original thought in their feeble little minds. Since she was followed around like crazy during the campaign, I wonder why there is NOT one single photograph of her shopping at Neimans, Saks, etc. I do recall that when she sopped at a Wal-Mart to get diapers there were plenty of pictures


Anonymous said...

ummmm, excuse me, is not Ms. Palin part of the main stream medai now? Hmmmm.



A most astute comment. Palin gets to shoot her mouth off as a commentator, but still play the victim of the mainstream media. What a manipulator, no?

Anonymous said...

I wonder why there is NOT one single photograph of her shopping at Neimans, Saks, etc. I do recall that when she sopped at a Wal-Mart to get diapers there were plenty of pictures


Maybe because she's good at cultivating her image as "just an average, everyday girl." She lets the press photograph her at Walmart, and sneaks around to buy $150K worth of clothes with other people's money.

LiberalismRunAmokInArizinaShools said...

Tucson Schools To Implement Race Based Punishment - Blacks And Hispanics To Receive Passes and Race Pedestal

Black and Hispanic students in the Tucson Unified School District will soon receive passes for breaking school rules if the TUSD board has its way.

It proposed a two tiered punishment system for the whole district that will reduce suspensions and expulsions for minority students, even if warranted, so that in the end there is "no ethnic/racial disparities" in punishment meted out.

Why didn't they just go in the other direction. Say for instance a white student is 2 minutes late for class, why not expel them, that way the number of white expulsions will eventually catch up to other minority groups.

Some would say it's racist to even cover this news story, to them I say "What the hell are you smoking?" It is not racist to point out other people in this country who are pushing for racial quotas and special favors for those of minority groups.

There can be nothing more racist than giving gifts to those of one race and not to those of another.

Doug MacEachern of the Arizona Republic sums up nicely what the TUSD has passed and plans to implement.

From the section of the 52-page plan titled "Restorative School Culture and Climate," subhead, "Discipline":

"School data that show disparities in suspension/expulsion rates will be examined in detail for root causes. Special attention will be dedicated to data regarding African-American and Hispanic students."

The board approved creating an "Equity Team" that will oversee the plan to ensure "a commitment to social justice for all students."

The happy-face edu-speak notwithstanding, what the Tucson Unified School District board of governors has approved this summer is a race-based system of discipline.

TUSD is known nationwide for its open policy on disenfranchising white students through special favors to all other minority groups.

It's "Raza Studies" program is covered In the article "Raza Studies, Occupied America, Mexican American Heritage And The Reconquest Of America"

The "studies group" pushes the agenda of amnesty for all illegal aliens because the southwest really still belongs to Mexico.

It also sows hatred of the United States in its students and a pro-racial pride agenda inciting insurrectionist thought.

It should be noted that the Raza Studies program is very well funded and the TUSD board is calling for an expansion of the program.

Meanwhile, TUSD has been closing libraries, arts and music programs and laying off teachers in other areas not related to Raza Studies due to funding.

You'd think that someone would be looking into where of all this funding is coming from. It is obviously not being funded by those who care about America and equality for all.

MacEachern continues and shows that not only are students being rewarded by race, the TUSD is participating in race-based hiring.

In a year in which hundreds of district teachers received pink slips, meanwhile, TUSD spent thousands on recruiting teachers from out of state.

And it hired a coordinator at $80,000 per annum to lead the effort.

TUSD's race-obsessing board of governors is taking racial bean-counting to preposterous extremes.

Increasing the number of minority teachers - per the summer hiring spree, which netted 14 special-education teachers and one math-science teacher.

They are actively doing so, claiming that they want the race of teachers to be the same racial makeup as students. This is illegal under federal law, yet no one is doing anything about it.

LiberalismRunAmokInArizonaSchools said...

It is all quite sickening. The TUSD is populated by Liberal, "tolerance", "social justice" and "race justice" liberals, yet they are the true face of hate in this country.

They are too blind to see what they are doing is exactly the opposite of what "equality for all" means. They don't want an equal playing field, they want to hold one group down and promote another without merit.

There can be nothing more un-American, or illegal, than that.

Anonymous said...

She should get rid of the RINO-CINO-neo-con political advisors and follow and promote, the Tea Partys real Conservative platform!


You don't get it. Sarah is RINO-CINO-Neo-con. She smiles in the faces of the Tea Party people just like Reagan and Bush smiled in the faces of the pro-choice people...and then, White House people laughed at them. Sarah loves the military industrial complex and she loves the rich and the big corporations who are getting away without paying taxes, while we the people shoulder the bulk of the tax burden.


TeaPartyCandidatesGetRepublicanVotes said...

I am a Tea Party Conservative and this is about strategy. The people you want to join you are the Republican masses. So if you work within the Republican Party,

you will pick up millions of loyal supporters because they'll be saying, hey now there are the kind of candidates we've all been waiting for.

What you're saying to do is just reacting and trying to create a 3rd party without doing the steps needed in between.

Why do you say once we rejoin them. Are you one of the groups who has left the Tea Party that Sarah Palin has been accepted by?

Look it doesn't matter, my plan is a good one. The Republican Party tells it's 100,000,000 voters that they are Conservatives and they will vote for them in November 2010, whether they are RINO's, CINO's, or real Conservatives.

I'm telling you that if you stick to, stay close, be accessible to the Republican masses by being within their Party, your candidates will win at least 25 % of the primary races. By hanging around and shouting your real Conservative cause and platform,

more and more of the Republican voters will start catching on and say hey, that's what we really need, hey why has it taken so long for the Tea Partier types to be here in this supposedly Conservative party.

Are you getting this strategy?

I'm all for you, if a 3rd party was the way to go, I'd be shouting it as loud as you are. I'll say it again, the Republican party has the 1,000,000's of Conservative voters who will flock to your cause and platform once they hear your platform,

and realize that finally there are 100's of thousands of others of Republicans just like them catching on too, and the Tea Partiers numbers will continue to grow as each day passes.

Take the good from what Sarah Palin has done for the Tea Party name.

I'm not talking about her platform. She has and will be mainstreaming the Tea Party name because of
her endorsement. And she will bring millions of people to the Tea Party name.

It's up to the Tea Partiers to close the deal. Are you finally following me here?

I'm not saying that you should agree to the Republican or Sarah Palins platform. You will be able to voice your strong opinion within the Republican party. And when/if you get opposition from any of the RINO-CINO or neo-con;

leaders, politicians, or groups wihin the Republican party, that's ok, because enough of the Republican masses will come to youtr defense!

This is good time to stick with the momentum you have going now within the Republican party and with very popular mainstream Republican activist Sarah Palins endorsement.

Even if your not happy with the above 2's poltical platform, views, and policy proposals.

Stay where the 1,000,000's of potentially available not well served Republican votes are, and they will come your way in the primaries.

If you want to shame the Republican leaders, candidates, and politicians what better way than to be in the party and keep saying that you're the real Conservatives and criticising there views, platform, and policy proposals at the same time,

and as the Republican masses clamour for the leadership, candidates, and politicians to pay attention to the Tea Partiers or else.

You're just restless and want to be rid of the fake phony fraud Republican party once and for all.

Although that sounds well and good, it will not work because, the great majority of Republican masses will not follow you to a 3rd party.

They'll just stick with the viable 100,000,000 mainstream Republican party. It's just not neccesary to do so,

because you can be like a third party located within the Republican party because they can't criticize you too much without exposing themself as the frauds that they are.

TeaPartyCandidatesGetsRepublicanVotes said...

Because if they are telling the Republican masses that they are Conservative, and the Tea Partiers are criticizing them for not being real Conservatives, how can they criticize you back alot?

If they do the Republican masses will flock to your platform, because it's so obvious that you are the real Conservatives and the mainstream republicans are fake, phony, frauds, RINO's, CINO's, neo-cons, and then more of the Tea Party type Republican candidates will win the primaries!

Look what happened to Ron Paul. If he had run as a 3rd party candidate he would have gotten even less exposure to the Republican masses than he did.

Rand Paul is now in the Kentucky US Senate Republican primary with Sarah Palins endorsement.

Make the best of the Republican poltical landscape/situation that you have going for you.

If you're in any of the dissenting Tea Party groups consider getting back into the mainstream Tea Party where you can express your political views, platform, and policy proposals all you want.

Just lay off the personal attacks, because the current pioneer/beginnings position/situation of the Tea Partiers, there's no room for that.

Avoid personal type attacks/arguments and just stick to strongly debating the issues, no holds barred!

Just like John McCain helped to launch Sarah Palins political career into the mainstream which got her millions of followers, because she never stopped riding the momentum of her initial and subsequent public appearances.

She can also help launch the Tea Partiers; name, politcal views, and platform into the mainstream,
if they too never stop riding the momentum of their initial and subsequent public; events, rallies, and high profile endorsements. Which will get them millions of followers too!

And all the while you can promote your own political; views, platform, and policy proposals as you want, and not have to agree with any of the other Republican leaders, spokespeople, or candidates!

By being in the mainstream means that you're being reported on in the mainstream media, or are accepted, supported, and followed by millions of Republican voters on a regular basis, and not that you agree with the mainstream;

media or Republican party platform, in any way, shape, or form, unless they report on you favorably, or start to agree with you and start changing their platform to be more like the Tea Parties!

It's not about capitulating or compromising your political views, positions, and platform, to the mainstream media or Republican party.

It's about common sense strategy and working within the long established political system that's already in place, so that you can be seen and heard by the masses of mainstream Republican voters, who will then join your cause,

because they'll decide that it's what they really need and want when it's compared to what they've been getting in the past from the Republican party, its candidates, and politicians.

And so that you can change that system from within and without, for the betterment of the system and for the people!

So you can promote the Tea Parties 3rd party like political platform within the Republican party, where there are 100,000,000 Republican Conservative voters that you can work at getting on your and your chosen candidates, real Conservative Republican side.

What is wrong with the Tea Partiers calling themselves TP or RC Republicans, because that's the party with 100,000,000 that will vote for them in large numbers,

because their political platforms are what they have always been promised but never have gotten?

The TP and RC will not be compromising their platform while doing this.

They'll be running in the primaries against the kind of Rap's that you don't like.

TeaPartyCandidatesGetsRepublicanVotes said...

They'll be running in the primaries against the kind of Republicans that you don't like.

The regular voting masses are not politicos and they will not vote for what they percieve as an obscure group that does not get top notch coverage as all candidates in the Dem and rep parties do.

Wevalready hve 3rd parties and they always get only a small % of the votes in the general elections.

So if the TP and CP combine and start a 3rd party why would it be any different for them?

There is no primary between a 3rd party and the Rep candidates, hence no debates between the Rep candidates ever.

Except in the presidential race their might be a few debates that a 3rd party could get in on.

Designing a new Republican Party or a new Democratic Party works for whiever is behind those kind of moves/changes,

because you could completely change the party platforms to give the majority of the people already in the old versions of the 2 main partys what they really want,

and all of the voters will pay very close attention and continue to vote for the 2 main partys even if they are now called the new Republican or new Democrat partys, because [t's so easy for them to continue pulling the lever for the party name that they are accustomed to, that's what they're used to doing.

So if you're a Tea Party Republican, that means to the average Conservative Republican voter, that you are much more Conservative than a mainstream Republican candidate,

and that maybe you'll fight alot harder than the mainstream candidate for the causes that that voter wants promoted,

considering that they've been so let down by the mainstream Republicans, for so long now.

Have I left anything out?