Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Sneak Peek At Sarah Palin's Super Bowl Appearance

Sarah Palin will speak to the country during the Super Bowl pre-game on NBC from the Fort Richardson Army base in Anchorage, Alaska.

Her appearance was videotaped last Sunday at the base and someone in the crowd videotaped it. The audio is not great, but you'll get the idea.

First, here is Sarah delivering her lines. She turns so you can see her face and you can hear her better right near the end. Watch your volume as it gets loud when the crowd reacts.

Sarah Palin fort rich superbowl commercial

Then afterwards she thanks everyone who came out on a Sunday afternoon to take part in the taping -

Sarah Palin fort rich superbowl commercial

So there is your sneak peak. Thank you to the SPB reader who sent that to me.

Mrs. Palin goes to Washington and her Critics Don't Like It

It is fascinating to me that the Palin-Haters of the world think it is hypocritical for the Governor of Alaska to attend the Alfalfa Dinner tonight.

Their seems to be two major political complaints -

1) Sarah Palin painted herself as a political outsider and mocked the political elite, now she is flying half way around the world to have dinner with them.

2) Sarah Palin attacked Barack Obama as a man who "palls around with terrorists" and now she says she is going to Washington because of the opportunity to be at a dinner with him.

It is the traditional role of the Vice Presidential nominee to be the "bad cop" to the Presidential nominees "good cop." If there is a controversial attack to be made, chances are it will come from the VP candidate. This is especially true for candidates who are running behind.

In the book "Vital Signs: Perspectives on the Health of American Campaigning," David Dullo and Candice Nelson explain:

"Traditionally, vice presidential candidates have been relegated to playing the role of the attack dog in presidential campaigns - going after their opponents in ways the presidential candidate cannot afford to because they want to stay above the fray or they would pay too high a political price for the direct attacks. To this end, the attacks coming from the vice presidential candidate are often harsher and more pointed than the rhetoric coming from the top of the ticket."

So Sarah Palin was playing the traditional role of a VP candidate.

Joe Biden also played that role, he just never got the attention that Sarah Palin did during the campaign.

Here is a report from the AP when Biden was first picked -

"Barack Obama says Joe Biden is ready to step in as US president. He's not bad in the role of attack dog, either, wasting no time gnawing at GOP rival John McCain.

'He will have to figure out which of the seven kitchen tables to sit at' when considering his own economic future, Biden said, a blistering reference to McCain's embarrassing admission, particularly during a period of financial turmoil, that he didn't know how many homes he and his ultra-wealthy wife own."

And you'll remember how Biden launched a full assault on John McCain at the VP debate claiming that McCain was not a maverick and that he was "out of touch."

So both VPs played their roles.

Would it be hypocritical for Joe Biden to once again have lunch with his friend John McCain? No, of course not. The campaign is over and the two understand that politics is a dirty business.

There is a true spirit of bi-partisanship in Washington. Sarah Palin and Barack Obama have already worked together. Our friend Andrew Malcolm of the LA Times has written about it -

It seems that Alaska Republican Gov. Sarah Palin, the unsuccessful GOP VP nominee, was worried that the Army was going to cut off pensions to the state's old-timers long-retired from the Alaska Territorial Guard. So she sat down and wrote a letter to the new big guy himself, Democratic President Barack Obama, who's vowed to take extra special care of veterans.

And, what do you know? According to the ever-vigilant Sarah Palin for President blog, the Army suddenly decided it didn't really need to cut off those payments after all

You can read Andrew's post by clicking here. And you can see a copy of the letter Palin wrote by clicking here and going to the Sarah Palin for President Blog.

Barack Obama is being praised for reaching across the aisle and not letting politics get in the way of the business of government. Sarah Palin does the same thing, puts politics aside for the best interest of her state, and she is criticized. It makes no sense, nut is another true sign of PDS, Palin Derangement Syndrome.

Bernard Goldberg explains -

And the argument that "outsider" Sarah Palin is now hob nobbing with the same political elite that she mocked is blatantly ridiculous.

She is a Hockey Mom with five kids from Alaska who likes to fish and hunt. She is an outsider. Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George Bush and Bill Clinton also campaigned as outsiders. Almost every Governor campaigns as an outsider because they are not part of Washington politics.

But that doesn't mean Reagan, Carter, Bush and Clinton didn't attend fundraisers, annual dinners and balls with the powerful in Washington. When they became President they need to work with the powerful, even if their politics, policies and perspective are born somewhere else. to take a look at the list of Alfalfa Club members and you'll see that this is a group of people who are good to know when you govern.

The political arguments are just that - political. More than that - they are silly.

There is one real concern I have about Sarah Palin going to the Alfalfa Club Dinner and I will write more about that in my next post later today.

Sarah Palin Will Be Part of Super Bowl Coverage

TVSquad.Com has an intriuing bit of information about Sarah Palin. Apparently, somewhere, somehow, we will see Sarah Palin as part of NBC's Super Bowl coverage tomorrow.

This is the way Bob Sassone of TVSquad put it -

"Which of these guests are not going to be seen during the broadcast?

Keith Olbermann
Sarah Palin
Tina Fey
Top Chef's Tom Colicchio
Matt Lauer
Al Roker
Bruce Springsteen
Bob Costas
Jay Leno
Conan O'Brien

The answer? If you said Sarah Palin, you'd be wrong. NBC Sports head Dick Ebersol hints strongly that she's going to be part of the pre-game in some way (God, I hope Tina Fey doesn't show up as Palin again - I hope all of that is finally over)."

Amen to that!

To read the TVSquad posting click here.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Sarah Palin's Home Threatened by Active Volcano

Alaska is being threatened with a volcano and its happening near Sarah Palin home.

The Redoubt Volcano is grumbling a scientists say it could blow soon. The volcano is just outside of Anchorage and about 100 miles from Wasilla, Alaska where Sarah Palin lives.

Above is a picture of the eruption in 1989. Scientist believe the ring, that makes it look like a nuclear bombd went off, is actually the snow and ice that vaporized with the initial blast. The eruption actually lasted five months, but the initial blast was the most violent and dangerous.

That initial blast was on December 14, 1989, an explosive eruption sent a column of ash and gas more than 10 km (6 miles) into the atmosphere. Over the next two days, additional explosive eruptions spread ash to the northeast, disrupting airline traffic as far away as south Texas and other activity throughout south central Alaska.

According to APnews, "Hardware stores and auto parts shops scored a post-holiday run of business this week as Anchorage-area residents stocked up on protective eyewear and masks ahead of a possible eruption of Mount Redoubt. Monitoring earthquakes underneath the 10,200-foot Redoubt Volcano about 100 miles southwest of Anchorage, scientists from the Alaska Volcano Observatory warned that an eruption was imminent, sending experienced Alaskans shopping for protection against a dusty shower of volcanic ash that could descend on south-central Alaska."

Redoubt Volcano, which looms some 3,108 meters (10,200 feet) over a sparsely populated area some 150 kilometers (90 miles) from the city of 280,000 people, has been showing more seismic activity than normal over the past five days.

"Seismicity levels have risen within the last eight hours. Redoubt remains at aviation color code 'orange,' and volcano alert level 'watch,'" the Alaska Volcano Observatory said in a statement, adding staff were on a 24-hour watch.

The orange alert is to warn planes of possible dangers if the volcano erupts. The four engines of a Boeing 747 became clogged in 1989 when the plane flew over the cloud of ash spewed out by Redoubt during its last eruption.

The pilot managed to restart the engines and save all 231 passengers.

An erupting volcano can release plumes of ash several kilometers (miles) high, but the direction of the cloud and whether Anchorage or Wasilla would be threatened depends on the wind.

Depending on the size of the eruption, Governor Sarah Palin could once again be thrust onto the national stage as she sees her state through a potential emergency. You can bet that the 25 hour news operations will cover her news conference live throughout the coverage of the volcano

Chris Matthews Exposes Himself on Television

If you wait long enough, the frauds will always expose themselves.

Of course, Chris Matthews has exposed himself enough on TV to be arrested for public indecency.

But this clip from the Morning Joe on MSNBC is priceless -

First, I am shocked that when he mentioned journalism, Edward R. Murrow himself didn't send a lightning bolt down from the heavens to strike him where he sat. Chris Matthews is to journalism what Ghengis Khan was to detente.

Second, questioning motive is not the worst thing you can do in journalism, announcing that you are going to do public relations for a White House yhat you are supposed to be covering objectively is the worst thing. Kudos to Joe Scarborough for calling him on it.

Chris, I know the money isn't as good and your ego won't be stroked as much, but if you really want to help Obama, go join his administration. Be a public servant.

Nora O'Donnell Sells Her Soul To MSNBC

I write this with a heavy heart.

I have always been a Nora O'Donnell fan. When she first came on the scene a few years back, she was a fresh face and a welcome voice of objective journalism in the cluttered world of talking heads trying to get attention.

Nora O'Donnell used to cover Congress for Rollcall magazine and was a contributor to MSNBC, but it was clear that she was destined for bigger things. She now is one of the stars of MSNBC and, sadly, that is not a good thing.

The Cable News Network in a quest for an identity and, more importantly, ratings has decided to be the anti-Fox News. They have thrown all the tenets of journalism out the window and show their political leaning every night. They are led Kieth Olbermann and Chris Matthews, who have become more famous as SNL parodies than deep thinkers.

That is the problem with wearing your politics on your sleeve as the host of a news program, you are necessarily seen as a fraud.

And that brings us back to poor Nora who has sold her soul to MSNBC.

This week she threw away the very thing that made her special, her fierce objectivity, and joined the cool kids in the schoolyard in deriding Sarah Palin, the favorite target of the MSNBC in-crowd. A soccer Mom from Alaska with five kids is just not cool in the MSNBC world that exists only inside the I-95 Northeast corridor.

Nora O'Donnell brought up the subject of Sarah Palin's trip to Washington and then giggled like a starry eyed adolescent as Democratic Strategist Morris Ried mocked Palin.

Nora seemed eager to show the big boys at MSNBC that she could be just as biased as the rest of them and interjected this beauty of a distortion of Palin's comments on the campaign trail about Barack Obama -

"..didn't she call him a terrorist on the campaign trail?"

I actually felt bad for her. Sarah Palin never called Barack Obama a terrorist. She called William Ayers a terrorist and questioned Obama's relationship with him. Big Difference.

Nora O'Donnell is smart enough to know that. She just wanted to eagerly sell her soul to fit in at MSNBC.

The problem is that objectivity is like virginity, once you give it up there is not getting it back.

The good people at Newsbusters have the entire transcript. Click here to read it.

And here is the video -

I see Nora O'Donnell now as just a backstage groupie who wants to do anything to impress the two biggest heads in her building, Chris and Kieth.

The other wannabe is David Shuster, but after Shuster had his head handed to him by Conservative Talk Show host John Ziegler, Shuster was exposed as not being ready for prime time. The dis-robing of Shuster is worth watching again -

Oh, that made me feel better. Thank you John Ziegler.

John has a new documentary coming out called "Media Malpractice." It is an in-depth look at how the media helped Barack Obama get elected. Part of the documentary looks at the concerted Media efforts to dismantle Sarah Palin's image. You can check out some of the work John Ziegler has done by clicking here. There you will find more with Sarah Palin and another clip of John defending himself on MSNBC, this time against - Nora O'Donnell. Sigh.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sarah Palin Making All The Right Moves

Politico is looking back at the last few days as signals that Sarah Palin is getting ready for 2012 -

To read the story that accompanies the video click here.

It is entitled "Palin. Obama to Share Stage."

That will happen at the exclusive and private Alfalfa Club Dinner in Washington this weekend. Presidents always speak at the affair. And a spokesperson for the Governor of Alaska says she has been notified that she will speak.

The Alfalfa club says they have not scheduled Palin to speak.

Why the discrepancy? This might be it - the Alfalfa Club has a tradition of nominating someone for President. That person must then give an acceptance speech. My bet is it will be Sarah Palin and that is why she was notified and Alfalfa is denying it. The nomination is supposed to be a surprise.

Here is what Politico has to say about it...

"Should Palin be this year’s lucky nominee, she’ll be in good company: Three honorees have actually gone on to actually become president – Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush."

I will bet anything it is Sarah this year. Any takers?

Sarah Palin Likes Naughty Monkeys

I'll admit it.

I am posting this story just so I could use that headline. It is a once in a million opportunity.

Naughty Monkey shoes, said to be Sarah Palin's, sold for $2,025 on EBAY.

The shoes were allegedly worn by Governor Palin during her campaign for vice president. The pair of red, Naughty Monkey Double-Dare pumps (like the ones shown) were sold in an eBay auction that ended Tuesday. They usually go for about $100.

Someone calling herself Palin's niece was selling the red shoes she said the governor gave her, according to the description on the auction site. She claims that the shoes were purchased, not by the Republican National Committee, but by the governor herself at a Juneau store.

Autographed pictures of the governor wearing the shoes were also included in the auction, as well as a Sharpie pen Palin used for autographs during the campaign. Here is the description on EBAY:

Up for bid are thee actual Red Naughty Monkey Heels owned/worn by Sarah Palin. I got the shoes from Aunt Sarah after mentioning that I liked them. They dont fit to well, so I decided to let someone else enjoy them. These are the exact heels that made headlines. If you search "Sarah Palin's Red Shoes" on a serach engine, you will find multiple blogs, articles, and stories on these shoes. You could own a piece of history!!! The shoes are NOT autographed, but the buyer has the option of having them autographed!! I included pictures of the shoes, the autographed pictures, the Sharpie pen, and me and my aunt (just taken a couple days ago).

The winner/buyer will recieve:

*Authentic Red Naughty Monkey Heels, size 7.5 worn/owned by Sarah Palin

* 2 autographed pictures of her in the heels

* A custom Sharpie Pen that was made for autographing while on the Presidential Campaign Trail. This pen will be used to autograph shoes if buyer would like shoes autographed.

If you would like to see the ebay page click here.

There is even a statement from the store owner who sold palin the shoes and it is priceless -
We sold our Governor a pair of red Double Dare Naughty Monkey shoes a couple of weeks ago. She just wore those shoes as John McCain announced Governor Sarah Palin from Alaska as his vice president running mate. Although not everyone agrees with her politics, everyone can agree that she wears “sexy shoes.”

Sydney Mitchell
Shoefly Inc.
DBA: Shoefly + Hudsons
109 Seward Street
Juneau, AK 99801

Amen to that, Sydney. Amen.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sarah Palin Explains Her PAC Committee

Governor Sarah Palin spent about eight minutes outside the Governor's Mansion in Juneau Wednesday Morning shooting the breeze with reporters. She had just finished meeting with legislative leaders (see post below).

She said she will be in Washington D.C. this weekend for the Alfalfa Club Dinner, where Washington's rich and powerful mingle with politicians and media stars, because she wants face time with Barack Obama to lobby for Alaska's interests.

"How often will I get an opportunity to have dinner with the President? I will take up that offer to do so," Sarah told reporters.

Palin explained that it is a trip that is all business - Alaskan business. She especially wants to talk to Congressional leaders about Alaska's share of the Federal Stimulus money.

As for that SarahPac he set up earlier in the week. The Governor says that is to raise money for trips when she isn't on state business. Sarah insist that this does not mean she is running for President in 2012.

"No. Not at all. Not at all. No. It's helpful to have a PAC so when I'm invited to things, even like to speak at the Lincoln Day dinner in Fairbanks, to have the PAC pay for that instead of have the state pay for that because that could be considered quasi-political," she said

An as for a book deal, she doesn't have one yet. Although it was reported that she has enlisted the help of superstar Washington attorney Robert Barnett to get the best deal. Barnett brokered book deals for Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

But Sarah Palin does not have a deal and hasn't received a penny yet, let alone 11 million dollars.

"I will let you know if ever there is an offer, but that $11 million dollar figure I read about is laughable. It's out of anybody's realm of possibility of consideration," she said.

Click here to read a transcript of the impromptu news conference thanks to the Anchorage Daily News. they also have video from KTUU-TV.

Governor Palin may sa "Thanks, but No Thanks" to Federal Stimulus Money

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin met with Alaskan Legislators today and warned them to beware of Federal Stimulus money.

It was the first formal meeting between Sarah Palin and Legislative Leaders since the legislative session began on the January 20.

The U.S. House approved the $819 billion dollar stimulus package tonight designed to jump start the economy.

But Governor Palin does not want the money if it requires Alaska to start new government programs and state services.

Both Alaskan House Speaker Mike Chenault and Palin say they are leery of accepting funding for new programs that the state would have to pick up once federal dollars in the stimulus package dry up.

Alaska will however eagerly accept money to rebuild infrastructure, especially new roads. Those projects will create new jobs immediately.

Governor Sarah Palin on Canadian TV

Natural Gas Pipeline, Drilling in the Arctic, Hopes for Obama, NAFTA, Hillary Clinton, meeting the new President and 2012 are all covered.

Sarah says Hillary was a good choice for Secretery of State and she doesn't know if politics are in her future.

Proof That People Will Write Anything If They Can Use The Word "Palin" in The Headline

Some stories are trash, plain and simple.

Over the past year a high percentage of the "trash" stories have been about Sarah Palin. That's because reporters and columnists go to great lengths to find a Sarah Palin story. And sometimes they find one even if it isn't there.


Ask just about any political writer or Internet blogger. Few words will guarantee more hits to your web site than "Palin."

That is the main reason there are so many stories about Sarah Palin. Her name sells. People are fascinated with her.

How many other Governors made national news with their state of the state address?

How many other possible 2012 Republican nominees made news with their PAC site?

How many other celebrities and politicians get worldwide coverage every time they speak publicly?

Palin is arguably the best known woman in the world right now.

Of course, that notoriety is a double edged sword because people will look for anything and everything to write about. may have taken the cake with maybe the most blatant non-story I have ever read.

It was obviously written just to stir up something about Sarah Palin to get Internet hits.

Let me save you the trouble.

Remember the $180,000 wardrobe that the Republican National Committee bought for Sarah Palin during the campaign. The one that the media made such a bid deal over in a sexist double standard frenzy. No one asked what the campaign spent on McCain or Obama's suits or members of their family - just Sarah Palin. Because plain talking, home spun, hockey mom Sarah Palin was a threat to the coronation of Barack Obama and had to be exposed at any cost by the agenda driven media.

It mattered not that Palin didn't ask for the clothes. That she didn't wear the clothes most of the time. Or that she wasn't going to keep the clothes. It was a way to make Josephine Six Pack look elite like everyone else.

Now the clothes are back.

The crack undercover team at Sylelist has exposed that the wardrobe never was donated to charity as promised by the Republican National Committee.

So where is it? In Palin's closet? In Rush Limbaugh's closet?

No. It is at the RNC packed up in plastic bags. And a spokesperson for the RNC says they just didn't get around to calling a charity to come pick it up.

60 Minutes Stylelist is not.


If you must read just to share in the sheer inanity of the story

By the way, the headline is PURPOSELY MISLEADING - "Palin's $180,000 Wardrobe Stuffed in Trash Bags, Not Donated." It makes it sound like the wardrobe has been thrown out.

But then again, it's Stylelist.Com. What do you expect?

Even Chris Matthews Thinks Time Could Be Right For Palin

The new SarahPac is getting everybody's attention. Obama lover and Palin hater, Chris Matthews says "Keep your eye on Palin."

Chris, nobody discounted her except you and your Wasington cocktail blowhards.

The Christian Science Monitor has this quote from Matthews on his show Hardball -

"Although there are skeptics, the pattern is clear here,” he said. “When the Republicans get beat running a moderate like Nixon in 1960 or Jerry Ford in 76 or McCain in 08, the next time they tend to go right.

“Goldwater in ‘64, Reagan in ‘80, maybe Palin in ‘12,” he continued. “That’s the pattern. Maybe it’ll change but maybe it won’t. Keep your eye on Palin.”

Of course, Matthews misses the biggest point here - that Palin has energized the Republican party like no candidate since Reagan; that even though he and his media friends live in a bubble big enough to cover an Amtrak ride from New york to Washington, the rest of the country gets Palin and likes her. Just ask Senator Saxby Chambliss about Sarah Palin's draw. He credits her electrifying visit to Georgia with helping to win a special election.

Sarah Palin is a contender in 2012 because of her values, her charisma and the way she governs the state of Alaska.

And by the way Chris, Nixon was a moderate?

You can read the entire Christian Science Monitor article by clicking here. Writer Jimmy Orr points out some more Matthews hypocricies.

Does anyone take this man seriously anymore after admitting on the air that he gets a tingly feeling up his leg when Obama speaks? He also almost cried on the air when someone on the "Morning Joe" pointed out that Obama might lose.

Saturday Night Live had an hilarious take on Matthews love affair -

Funny, Sad and true.

Here Comes Sarah!!!!!

Andrew Malcolm of the LA Times has much more today on exactly what the new Sarah Palin Political Action Committee means.

The surest sign yet that Alaska's Republican Gov. Sarah Palin intends at least to be in position for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination contest.

Like others presumed to have their eye on the party nod -- former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Arkansas ex-Gov. Mike Huckabee -- she has set up a PAC -- SarahPAC.

The creation of such a financial entity commits her to nothing. But such a political action committee will allow Palin to position herself to compete by legally collecting donations to travel and speak on her own behalf (Iowa is a long snow machine ride from Wasilla).

It'll also permit her to raise and distribute campaign donations to like-minded GOP supporters seeking office. That could earn her some valuable political owsies come campaign time in the Hawkeye state, now less than 29 months away. (Thank goodness you have blogs like this to help keep you ready.)

To read Andrew's entire post click here.

I think he just coined a term in his post. Have you ever heard of "political owsies" before?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sarah Gets Ready For 2012


If you had any doubt that Sarah Palin was making a run for President in 2012, this should confirm things for you.

Sarah Palin has formed a Political Action Committee or PAC. To learn more about PACs click here.

SarahPAC even has a website that has the following on the front page:

Sarah Palin's Official PAC

Dedicated to building America's future, supporting fresh ideas and candidates who share our vision for reform and innovation.

SarahPAC believes America's best days are ahead. Our country, founded on conservative principles and the fight for freedom, must confront the challenges of the 21st century with integrity, innovation, and determination.

SarahPAC believes energy independence is a cornerstone of the economic security and progress that every American family wants and deserves.

SarahPAC believes the Republican Party is at the threshold of an historic renaissance that will build a better future for all. Health care, education, and reform of government are among our key goals. Join us today!

There is also a write up on Sarah Palin. To go to the site click here.

The SarahPAC is based in Arlington, Virginia. The goal, according to an official who spoke with the Huffington post, is to bolster the campaigns of fellow Republicans through donations.

"She has gotten so many requests," said the official. "And as she looks forward to helping other candidates."

As for whether the PAC would serve as a basis for a possible presidential run, the official said: "I think that is way premature."

Uh, huh. Sure it is. By the way, Hillary set up a similar PAC before her run. To read the whole Huffington Post article click here.

Why Arlington and not Alaska? Simple. It is closer to Washington D.C. where Sarah would like to make her next home.

Reuters has more. Click here.

Sarah Palin's Church Ready to Open with Arsonist Still on the Loose

Our thanks to Andrew Malcolm at the LA Times for keeping the Wasilla Bible Church story alive on his blog at the LA Times.

You can read the blog entry by clicking here.

Also, thanks Andrew for the mention.

If you get a chance stop by Andrew's Blog and thank him for keeping the pressure on investigators to catch the arsonist.

Remember that there were women and children inside when the fire was set. This is much more than a Sarah Palin story. This is a public safety story and that sicko or sickos need to be brought to justice for attempted murder.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

No Sale for Palin Effigy!

The bidding on the Sarah Palin Effigy on EBAY has ended. It went for $2,247.22. And the best part is the buyer doesn't want it now.


It was a Sarah Palin supporter who won what was advertised as a Sarah Palin Mannequin on EBAY. So when the buyer found out that the Mannequin was used in a hateful display to hang Sarah Palin from a noose in Effigy, he said "Thanks, but no thanks."

Chad Michael Morrisette, a professional window dresser who created the Palin look-alike, said the buyer thought he was buying a pro-Palin item and didn't realize the truth until he heard about the auction on talk radio. He has now changed his mind.

The mannequin of Palin made headlines after Morrisette hung it from the roof as part of a Halloween display last October.

Morrisette hasn't said whether he will put the item back up for auction. But if he does and EBAY doesn't have the guts to take it down, Sarah Palin supporters should bid on it and then back out.

You will remember that the mannequin was first listed on eBay with a photo depicting the noose, which prompted eBay to pull the listing last weekend; a new photo was posted sans neckwear and promptly taken down by EBAY. A then the description was changed to meet EBAY standards.

Even without the noose, the mannequin is a violation of EBAY's rules, as it is a symbol of hate and violence. If they put it up again, make certain you write and let them know.

And guess what? Now there is a stuffed mannequin of Chad Michael Morrisette that someone created in protest of the Halloween stunt, which is up for auction on eBay.

"When the Sara [sic] Palin mannequin went up, people went crazy!" writes the seller. "No one could make the guys who put it up, take it down. So I made my own "mannequin" of the guy who did Sara Palin's. … And wouldn't ya know it, he took his right down. THIS MANNEQUIN IS NOT ONLY HISTORY, BUT HE WILL HELP YOU DRIVE IN THE CAR POOL LANE! OWN IT TODAY!"

Opening bid; $1.

I searched for the item on EBAY...and it seems to have been taken down.

I guess it is an EBAY double standard.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Sarah Palin Governs Like a CEO in Tough Times

I have always wondered why the Government is not forced to act like American Businesses and Corporations during an economic crisis.

While American Industry is forced to make cutbacks and enact hiring freezes and layoffs. The Federal Government and many state and local governments continue on without adjusting to reality. Sure politicians will give mouth service to a recession, but will rarely cut back staff or implement hiring freezes.

In most areas of the country the Government is the biggest single employer. Layoffs and hiring freezes are unpopular. CEOs can afford to be unpopular, elected officials can't because their employers have recourse at the polls. Plus, the ability to hand out jobs may be the greatest single power of an elected official. When you layoff or stop hiring, you necessarily diminish your personal power.

That is why it was so refreshing to hear Sarah Palin announce a hiring freeze in Alaska for all but public safety officials. You can read more about her state of the state address in the Anchorage Daily News by clicking here.

I am still waiting for a public officials to cut staff and lay people off. Companies have to work within a budge. they don't survive very long on a deficit. Governments, especially the Federal Government, just keeps expanding without trimming staff. As the cost of payrolls and benefits grow, Governments just raise taxes and fees. In other words, we pay for it.

Jack Welch, the great CEO of GE, said that every few years you should layoff the bottom ten percent of your work force. It improves production, controls costs and he argues that you are doing the bottom ten percent a favor by giving them a kick in the pants, since they will not rise in the company anyway. Then you slowly hire more qualified people as profits rise.

How much money would taxpayers save if Governments had an across the board ten percent staff cut every few years?

At least the Palin state hiring freeze is a step in the right direction of fiscal responsibility.

So, again, I applaud Governor Palin for making a tough unpopular choice by freezing hiring in Alaksa state Government. The only thing I question in her speech is that corsage. :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

After 40 Day, Still No Arrests in The Arson At Sarah Palin's Church

It was Friday December 12th.

Someone set fire to the Wasilla Bible Church with women and children inside. They were making arts and crafts for Christmas.

Luckily everyone inside before flames and smoke caused over a million dollars in damage to the structure.

The congregation is still holding service in the middle school. Repairs will take some time. But a church is not made of bricks and mortar, it is made of faith and love. So the Wasilla Bible Church is still going strong.

But a dangerous person or people are still out there. It matters not if there was political motivation for the arson. It was a hate crime, according to the Alaskan Statutes, because a religious institution was targeted. It was attempted murder because there were people inside. It was reckless endangerment and most definitely arson.

But 40 days and nothing.

No arrests, no news conferences and no reports by the media.

It's as if it never happened.

Now imagine for a moment if the Trinity United Church of Christ has been torched. That is the Church of Reverend Jeremiah Wright. The Church that Barack Obama used to attend.

Do you think they would have caught someone by now? And if they didn't, do you think the media would remain silent?

This is an ugly case of media bias again directed at Sarah Palin and the church is quite literally collateral damage. It was the media attacks and attention on this church that may have made it a target and, if that is true, the media fanned the flames of hate. To follow up that irresponsibility by remaining silent after the crime is all but despicable.

Even if you don't like Sarah Palin, have some decency. As I stated before, the motivation really doesn't matter. Arson is arson. And the fact that people were inside should make it a social and moral imperative that the arsonists be caught and put away for a long time.

Politics is not the issue here. Public safety is!

Sarah Palin's Advice To Barrack Obama

The Wall Street Journal invited some of the nation's leaders to write a short essay on their hopes for the Obama Presidency.

The Governor of Alaska is one of the nation's leades that the WSJ reached out to -

Tax Cuts and Fiscal Discipline
By Sarah Palin

Especially evident in these trying economic times is America's need for affordable, abundant and secure energy. This means American energy resources developed through American ingenuity and produced by American workers. I applaud President Obama's focus on alternative and renewable energy, and here in Alaska we've joined the effort: I have asked Alaskans to focus on obtaining 50% of our electric generation from renewables by 2025. In the meantime, we must not abandon oil and gas exploration and development. In fact, Americans should demand the cooperation of the major oil producers so that Alaska's vast supply of clean natural gas can be brought to market. Alaska stands ready to positively contribute to the nation's markets and energy needs.

Another step on the path to economic recovery is to let Americans keep more of their income. Mr. Obama and Congress could make this happen with permanent tax cuts and by adhering to a path of fiscal discipline. When congressional appropriation trains run too hastily, they accumulate excess baggage, spending more taxpayer money. Leaving more money in American pockets through tax cuts and fiscal discipline stimulates the business-investment and job-creation climate -- the climate for economic recovery.

Finally, we are extremely proud of our men and women in uniform. Mr. Obama and Congress must continue to guarantee a strong national defense by modernizing and equipping our armed forces; by treating active-duty military and veterans fairly; and by supporting the families of our service members. America will face difficult challenges in the years ahead. As Mr. Obama takes the helm, our prayers are with him as he seeks direction for our great nation.

You can read the entire Wall Street Journal article by clicking here.

EBAY Gives Into Hate and Allows Sarah Palin Effigy To Sell

It looks like the Sarah Palin Effigy is back up on EBAY and it is not coming down. Payment can be made through PayPal.

Both EBAY and PayPal have policies that they will not promote hate or violence on their web sites, but they are looking the other way to a clear and present violation.

EBAY has taken the Effigy down twice. But the two idiots who thought it was funny to hang a Sarah Palin Mannequin by a noose from their porch on Halloween keep putting it back up and amending the EBAY posting.

You can take a look at the the new posting by clicking here. You will notice that it is no longer called an effigy. It is simply a mannequin. There is no mention of a noose, although Chad Michael Morrisette and Mito Aviles have made it clear in media interviews that the noose is included. And the disturbing picture of the effigy hanging from the porch is now gone.

There are 10 bids and the effigy is now up to $2,247.22. The village idiots from West Hollywood claim the money is going to fight Proposition Eight that prevents gay marriage in court. We have written before about the hypocrisy in that. A symbol of hate and prejudice is being sold to help fight hate and prejudice.

At a time when women are the victims of domestic violence and rape every few minutes in this country, this is an abomination.

But Chad and Mito seem to get off on their second 15 minutes of fame.

Please write to both EBAY and PayPal and tell them that you can change the picture, the description and take away the noose, but the mannequin itself is still a symbol of hate. The duo of dunces even describe the item this way - YOU ARE BIDDING ON THE FAMOUS SARAH PALIN HALLOWEEN DISPLAY MANNEQUIN. AS SEEN ON THE TODAY SHOW, INSIDE EDITION, THE VIEW, FOX NEWS, KEITH OLBERMAN, EVERY MAJOR NEWS NETWORK, AND READ ABOUT IN EVERY NEWSPAPER WORLDWIDE, the world famous, controversial, Sarah palin Halloween display is currently on ebay! With all original pieces.

All original pieces? That means the noose is still being sold. And the fact that this is the same mannequin in all of those media reports is a way of advertising that it is in fact the Sarah Palin effigy, an internationally condemned symbol of hate.

EBAY and PayPal, do not turn your backs on this. It is obvious that your sites are being used to peddle hate with a wink and a nod.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hate Up On EBAY for the Third Time

Can't EBAY and PayPal control their sites? Maybe we need to set a fire under their butts to get them once and for all to stop selling hate.

A Mannequin that was used to hang Sarah Palin in effigy in West Hollywood is up on EBAY again, despite the fact that the symbol of hate is a clear violation of EBAY's policies and the item has been removed twice.

The EBAY user account that is ignoring the policy is "nevernbeforeneveragain." EBAY should suspend or close that account.

Chad Michael Morrisette and his partner, Milo Aviles, are the two creeps who caused such controversy at Halloween by hanging the mannequin by a noose from their front yard.

It was clear from the beginning that the gay couple was thrilled by the attention they were getting and they will not go away.

I have been encouraged that so many in the gay community find the duo as disgusting as the rest of us. This is a segment of the population that has fought a long and bitter fight to stop such displays of hate. And now one of their own makes headlines for this misogynistic display at a time when so many women are the victims of violence.

See the new EBay listing by clicking here. There is a "report this item" link at the bottom of the page. Tell EBAY to take more definitive action. Also, there is a link on the upper right side of the screen where you can "send a question to the seller." You can let the creeps know what you think of them.

Also, the item is for sale using PayPal. Here is Paypals policy -

PayPal is a worldwide company with account holders in many countries where the possession or sale of certain items associated with hate organizations is a criminal offense. To determine what goods and services should be prohibited, PayPal carefully considers the following factors: The promotion or glorification of hate, violence, or intolerance because of a person's race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, gender, disability, or sexual orientation and any graphic portrayal of violence or victims of violence.

Write to PayPal and tell them that their service is being used to sell a symbol of hate.

But I am certan that the dim witted duo in West Hollywood still won't get. They have been chastised by their own community, by conservative and liberal TV commentators, by blogs and by their own neighborhood.

If they have been shunned across the board, why do they persist? The answer has got to be for their own self-interest. That is what makes them so despicable. They seem to not understand that hate begets hate. When you insist on clinging to these symbols and displays, hate rises in unlikely places. It may not be their intention, but once released hate is difficult to contain.

In other words, these cretins sit and giggle at the attention they are getting ignorant to the fact that once unleashed hate has unpredictable consequences.

I know you are blind to sincere appeals because of your own need to be noticed, but please stop.

Monday, January 19, 2009

EBAY takes down the Sarah Palin Effigy a Second Time

Why won't the two West Hollywood Morons go away?

In an attempt to stretch out their 15 minutes of infamy, Chad Michael Morrisette and his partner, Mito Aviles, put their Sarah Palin effigy on EBay. You remember these idiots. They are the two who thought it would be funny to put a noose around a Sarah Palin mannequin for Halloween and hang it from their front porch.

The nation revolted against them, liberals and conservatives, gays and straight though it was offensive. Even the King of All Liberals, Kieth Olbermann called the two "The Worst People In the World" on his show.

EBay pulled the effigy off its site this morning for violating its policies.

It was back up by noon. The picture of the noose was gone and instead of the title "Sarah Palin Effigy," it was entitled "Sarah Palin Mannequin."

But the people at EBAY are not stupid. Enough people from this blog and other sites wrote and the -um- Mannequin - has been taken down.

The Los Angeles Times picked up the story late this afternoon. You can read it by clicking here.

But the comment section interested me more than their write up. Here are a couple -
Misogyny lives, and from gay men no less. I am disappointing with my gay brothers for such a tasteless display, but I'm glad eBay did the right thing by removing the item. Can we stop beating up on women now?

Posted by: Chris in Pasadena

How pathetic. What moron would even give 5 cents for this piece of mindless trash. It seems OK to have an effigy of a hanged white female but would be judged a hate crime if it was any other race.

Posted by: Al

I am gay, and these two guys embarrass me beyond no end. How can our community expect people to understand and accept us when this display of hatred is put forth for all to see? And anyways, these two guys can't be that great of designers; the mannequin is tacky and doesn't even look like Sarah Palin. The hair looks more like a wig you'd find on Bob Costas.

Posted by: Drew

This morning when it was put back up someone (gee I wonder who) from the LA area posted here to alert me.

My guess is that Jack and Azz will try and put this up again. Keep reporting it to EBAY. They have millions of items, but seem to respond quickly to your complaints.

Lets keep these two idiots from peddling their hate.

Glenn Beck And Sarah Palin, "One Hot Grandma"

Glenn Beck debuted on Fox News tonight and got choked up as he introduced Sarah Palin.

Governor Palin has an emotional attachment to millions of parents across America who raise children with special needs.

Glenn Beck has a daughter Mary who has cerebral palsy. Sarah Palin has a son Trig who has Down Syndrome. The two are bonded through a common experience.

I understand why Glenn Beck got choked up. He was thinking of his child and a woman who was willing to stand up for all children like her.

Here is the clip from the show -

Sarah Palin called her son Trig the best thing that has ever happened to her. She said she will learn more from him than he will ever learn from her.

It is why Glenn Beck feels such a connection with Sarah Palin. It is why many of us do.

Sarah Palin Effigy Back On EBay

As fast as it was taken down, the Sarah Palin Effigy is back up on EBAY.

And anonymous poster from the Los Angeles area (hmmm I wonder who that could be) notified The Sarah Palin Blog that the effigy is back up for sale on EBay. It is a new listing with a new item#.

The seller removed the picture of the effigy, removed the mention of the noose from the description and is listing the item simply as the "Sarah Palin Mannequin" to conform to EBay standards. But, c'mon EBAY is is still the mannequin that was hanged in effigy and it is still a symbol of hate. You are allowing your site to be used to promote hate speech.

You can see the listing by clicking here.

For some reason the gay couple from West Hollywood who put up the display seem proud of it, not getting the hypocrisy of hate.

In an time when women are the victims of violence every single day, there is no place for this kind of misogyny, especially from members of the gay community who have fought hate crimes for decades.

It is sad, just sad, that this couple just doesn't get it.

__________________Sarah Palin In The Oval Office___________________

What would the Oval Office look like if Sarah Palin became President?

Some clever people came up with a web site that shows Sarah in the big chair with the Oval Office redecorated to her liking.

If you let you mouse stroll around the oval office and click on the windows, furnitures, desk and painting there are some fun surprises.

There is something in the picture for everyone, Sarah supporters and detractors. It is just fun.

And after Sarah Palin's appearance on Saturday Night Live, we know she has a good sense of humor about herself and her image. I'm certain she would get a kick out of it too.

To see the interactive Sarah Palin Oval Office click here.

My favorite part is the six pack of beer. You click on it and Sarah says "Joe Sixpack." The as you go around the room, it's "Joe Drapes," "Joe Chair," etc. Pretty funny.

The Sarah Palin Effigy Is Removed From Ebay

Great News! The Sarah Palin Effigy has been removed from EBAY. If you click on this link for the item, this is what you will read:

This listing (330300536294) has been removed or is no longer available. Please make sure you entered the right item number. If the listing was removed by eBay, consider it canceled.

So many of you wrote to me and said you were going to write to EBAY to take the item down. It worked. EBay removed the item because it violated their policies.

The duo of dunces, Milo Aviles and Chad Michael Morisette, will have to peddle their hate somewhere else.

The hateful display has been rejected by their neighborhood, rejected by West Hollywood and now rejected by EBAY. Take a hint.

You can read the full write up on the effigy on EBAY below. Thank you to all who took action.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hate For Sale On EBAY

It was one of the most disgusting moments in a ugly campaign filled with disgusting moments. 2008 may be remembered when the worst of America was exposed. There was racism, sexism, classism and then there was this:

The image of Sarah Palin hanging in effigy was the low point of a campaign filled with hate. In a nation where women are the victim of domestic and sexual violence several times of day, this was simply disgusting, no matter how you feel about Sarah Palin's politics.

There was so much that was wrong and alarming about the display in West Hollywood. But one other thing that struck me as particularly alarming is that the display was created and displayed by Milo Aviles and Chad Michael Morissete, a gay couple.

The gay movement preaches acceptance. The gay movement has been in the forefront of making "hate crimes" part of the American lexicon. The gay movement made us all understand that hateful displays and speech can and will lead to hateful actions and they must be tempered.

Now, I understand that it is unfair point to this couple as the symbol or standard of an entire segment of America. Every group has its idiots and these two certainly fit the bill.

But you would think that they would know better. You would think other members of the gay community in West Hollywood and across the nation would see the dangers in such hypocrisy and join in the call for the effigy to come down.

Who knows? It did eventually come down and maybe that is exactly what happened.

But now it is on the national scene once again. The ignorant duo of Milo and Morisette have put the display up on EBAY. Here is the description -


the mannequin is a patina-v mannequin. outfitted with the original neiman marcus red vintage coat and tortoise-shell framed glasses,this is surely something not to be missed! along with the sarah palin halloween display, we are also going to include a larger-than-life john mc cain political propaganda head poster. the head is 4 feet tall and 40" at its widest.

this amazing piece of political memorabilia could now be yours!

You can see the item on EBAY by clicking here. You can also send a message to the "neverbeforeneveragain," the ebay user who posted the item.

Milo/Chad claim that the money will go to fighting Proposition 8 in the courts. (Prop 8 in California passed in the last election. It defines marriage in the state constitution as being between a man and a woman.) It just adds to the hypocrisy that these buffoons would auction off a symbol of hate to help the gay movement fight a Proposition that they say is hateful.

These two should just go away.

I read about the effigy on Ebay on "The Edge," a Boston Web Site. You can see the write up by clicking here.

A comment left at the bottom of The Edge article sums up the story very well -

"One bidder in five days. Yesterday’s news. It was a tedious bit of self-promotion to begin with, and even with all this publicity, nobody care. Yawn. Next."

Well said.

But I have to think that just ignoring these two is not enough. They should be Pariahs in their own community. It would be a wonderful gesture by the gay community in California if they turned down the "hate money." It would show the world that the movement practices what it preaches.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Chris Matthews the Hypocrite Slams Sarah Palin

Does anyone take Chris Matthews seriously anymore?

First, the NBC/MSNBC yelling head, swooned over Barack Obama, saying he got a "tingling feeling" up and down his leg when Obama speaks. (If I was Barack Obama, I'd steer clear of the tingly legged one.)

Then he gets tanked off the MSNBC 2008 election show because of his ego cat fights with Kieth Olbermann. (Keith gets all tingly over Obama too so they were fighting over the same guy.)

Now Chris Matthews is mocking Sarah Palin for doing national interviews. Matthews recently introduced sound clips from Palin from the John Zeigler interview and said that this is "“the vice presidential campaign that won’t end."

But wait, now we find out that Matthews had called Sarah Palin's office just a couple of days before and asked for an interview himself.

This is what the Governor of Alaska's spokesman Bill McAllister had to say about it -

“If it’s so objectionable, why do you want to interview her?” McAllister asks. “This is the double standard we get from a lot of people in the media. I could put her on any TV program you could imagine. She’s being treated as if she’s out there trying to garner all this publicity; we turn stuff down every day. We turn down dozens of things every day. We get invitations all the time for her to speak at various events, either of a partisan or conservative nature or whatever; she’s not doing that. She’s here. She put out a budget. She’s got a State of the State address she’s going to deliver in less than two weeks. It’s not that she’s commenting, it’s that it seems like the national media will just gobble up anything Palin.”

Chris Matthews is acting like the kid in High Schhol who bad mouths the pretty girl who turned him down for the prom.

Sarah Palin is the hottest "get" in the country right now. She is being being very selective. Glenn Beck, John Zeigler, Esquire Magazine and Alaska media have been able to get interviews. But Chris Matthews, well, he has that OTLS, Obama Tingly Leg Syndrome. I can see why Sarah passed.

Palin Takes National Lead In Energy Efficiency

Sarah Palin is now at the forefront of a National Movement to switch to renewable energy. And she is receiving praise from all, including conservation and environmental groups who have criticized her in the past.

At a news conference announcing her statewide energy plan, Palin called for 50 percent of Alaska's power to be generated by renewable resources by 2025.

I have said several times on this blog that it would be smart for Sarah Palin to play to her strength and become the leading national voice on Energy Independence. It sets her up nicely for a run for President.

This looks like the first step in that direction.

Dan Joling of the Associated Press outlines the Governor's plan. It addresses both urban Alaska, including Anchorage, Fairbanks and other cities that make up the Railbelt, and the hundreds of Alaska villages off the road system and power grid.

Palin called for six state utilities that serve most of the population to stop traditional infighting and take a regional approach for new power generation projects that could lower costs.

Palin also unveiled a guide listing alternative energy assets of every village in Alaska. Those resources can be developed to wean far-flung villages off electricity generated by burning diesel fuel that must be imported by barge or airplane.

"This guide will help us move to a future where, ideally, 50 percent of Alaska's electricity is generated from renewable resources by 2025," Palin said.

President-elect Barack Obama has called for 25 percent nationwide by 2025.

About 24 percent of Alaska's power already comes from renewable energy, mostly hydropower from the Alaska Panhandle. Reaching Palin's goal will take major projects to serve Alaska cities that are beyond the reach of single utilities, said Pat Lavin, an attorney for the National Wildlife Federation.

He called Palin's announcement "a defining moment in Alaska's history."

"We just became a leader among states in committing to renewable energy as the power source of the future," he said.

Alaska conservation organizations have been at odds with Palin over her push for petroleum development in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the outer continental shelf off Alaska's coast.

Kate Troll, director of the Alaska Conservation Alliance, said the governor's announcement was the first time she has officially voiced the importance of consolidating utilities, using more fuel-efficient engines, and getting rural communities off diesel.

"Together, these goals make a very forward-thinking energy plan," Troll said.

Deborah Williams of Alaska Conservation Solutions urged Palin to have codify her goal to aid utilities in planning.

"That goal is nationally significant," she said.

Palin said she wants the state to continue to be a major supplier of energy to the nation but planned to take an unprecedented effort to inventory and analyze options within the state.

Joe Balash, Palin's aide on oil and gas, said there will be a continuing effort to find new power generation sources for the Railbelt, likely through a new corporation that can handle projects beyond the capability of individual utilities. Talks have been ongoing with utilities, he said, and legislation likely will be introduced in the 90-day 2009 session, which kicks off Tuesday.

The community guide is a primer on alternative energy sources as well as an inventory for projects. For example, the accompanying documentation show that Scammon Bay, a mile from the Bering Sea in western Alaska, has the potential for a wind-diesel hybrid project, and that 700 miles to the northeast on the Yukon River, the village of Circle has potential for generating electricity with geothermal resources.

Palin energy adviser Steve Haagenson, who oversaw the village report, also unveiled the first 77 projects picked for grants from the $100 million Alaska Renewable Energy Fund.

They range from wind farms in the Aleutians, Kodiak and Delta Junction to a landfill gas recovery project in Anchorage.

This plan is absolutely brilliant and is getting high praise from both Conservatives and Conservationists.

Look for Sarah Palin to be talking energy first and foremost from here on out. It is the issue of this decade and Sarah Palin is setting herslf up nicely as a National Leader.

Click here for more, including video from KTUU in Anchorage.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sarah Palin with Glenn Beck

On Monday Conservative Radio Talk Show host premieres his TV show on Fox News.

His first guest will be Sarah Palin. The Governor will appear live from Alaska at 5PM EST.

Beck is moving from CNN Headline News to Fox.

Politico has more. Click here.

Glenn Beck is the father of a daughter with special needs child and has been a fan of Sarah Palin's before she hit the National stage. In fact, I first heard about Sarah Palin from Glenn Beck in this moving tribute t a proud mother from April of last year.

Glenn Beck has his own website, just click here. And if you would like to wish him luck or comment on his tribute to Sarah, you can email him at

A Truce Between Sarah Palin and The Media?

The Anchorage Press published a thoughtful article on Governor Sarah Palin's feud with the Media.

You will remember that Sarah Palin used the rival Anchorage Daily News as an example of a media out of control in her interview with John Zeigler for his documentary.

The Governor was complaining about how the Main Stream Media picked up anonymous lies from bloggers that Trig wasn't her baby. The Governor pointed out that the rumor still persists because she just got a phone call from the Daily News asking about Trig's real mother.

Here is a fascinating excerpt from the ADN's article about the incident:

"Governor Palin and the Anchorage Daily News had a very public back-and-forth in the last week over a reporter’s efforts to definitively report on the persistent rumor that young Trig Paxson Van Palin is not really the governor’s son, that her pregnancy was somehow faked.

ADN editor Pat Dougherty published an email exchange between him and the governor on his blog after the 'There you go again' release was issued. In the exchange, he explains 'I finally decided, after watching this go on unabated for months, to let a reporter try to do a story about the ‘conspiracy theory that would not die’ and, possibly, report the facts of Trig’s birth once and for all.” Dougherty calls the rumor 'nutty nonsense,' and says that he wanted his reporter, Lisa Demer, to 'report the facts of Trig’s birth thoroughly enough to kill the nonsense once and for all.'

'That’s a disingenuous response,' Palin tells the Press. 'I’ve said from day one, no, you guys are off-base in chasing this lie. Of course Trig’s my son. My doctor’s said the same thing. My medical summary that was released was the same information. We stated the truth, and Pat knows that. I feel like these individuals and entities have much better things to do than continue to try to put to rest this scandalous ridiculous rumor that some in the media continue to try to chase down.'

'I would pose this question to Gov. Palin and Bill McAllister,” Dougherty responded to the Press in an email (also subsequently posted on his blog). “The Daily News ignored the Trig controversy for more than four months. Not only has the paper never written a story about it, until last month no one at the ADN had ever done any serious reporting on it. If the Daily News were interested in proving the ‘conspiracy’ surrounding Trig's birth as straight news, why would we wait three or four months to start looking into it? Because that's how we usually handle news? Hardly. Is it really so implausible that we watched this conspiracy theory swirl and grow and show no sign of going away for months until we finally decided to report a story about the persistence of bizarre claims surrounding the birth of the governor's son? I think most competent journalists would recognize ‘the persistence of bizarre claims surrounding the birth of the governor's son’ as the basis of a potentially interesting story. Most competent journalists would also understand that the story doesn't work if it can't show definitively that the claims are false. It's only a ‘bizarre conspiracy theory’ if you can show that it's not true, which is why we wanted to document the truth. Why this isn't obvious to Bill McAllister I can't explain.'

McAllister says that although the paper didn’t run a story previously on the Trig rumor, ADN reporter Kyle Hopkins was aggressively questioning him about the matter on August 30 and 31, the two days immediately after McCain chose Palin to run as the GOP’s vice presidential candidate. 'They didn’t run anything, but they were definitely interested.”

The National Media made Trig's birth a story after Sarah Palin became a threat. After her speech at the Republican National Convention, John McCain surged ahead of Barack Obama in the polls. It is important to remember that fact. It can be lost in the fog of political war.

Sarah Palin had to be taken down and the media was much to eager to oblige.

No matter what the editor claims, The Anchorage Daily news wants the Trig story because it sells papers, attracts web clicks and raises the papers prominence. The story would have been important for the newspaper. The Governor is right to be skeptical of any claim of a high minded, journalistic search for the truth.

The Anchorage Daily News was following the lead of the Washington Press corp like an awkward teenager in High School who wants to be liked by the cool kids.

It would be nice if Sarah Palin could do the work of the state, the work that the people of elected her to do, without the backyard sniping of the local media working for their own self-interest.

And many, including the Anchorage Press agree. Here is how writer Brendan Joel Kelley ends his piece:

"Tuesday evening, on CNN, political rivals discussing the situation between Palin and the media found common ground. Republican pundit Bill Bennett said, “She should step out of the limelight and the media should leave her alone.” Democratic strategist James Carville agreed.

The governor’s office says she doesn’t want the constant exposure, that the recent blitz due to Ziegler’s film excerpts was unexpected. The legislative session starts next week, and there’s serious work to be done—the work that Alaskans elected her to do.

If nothing else, maybe the session—with its hard and sometimes-boring work on policy, rather than politics—will finally cool the national appetite for all things Palin and make way for a truce. We’ll find out soon."

You can read the entire Achorage Press column by clicking here.

And you can email Brendan at

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Palin Continues To Slam Media

What is the Main Stream Media to do?

Nobody sells more copies, gets more Internet hits of get higher ratings than Sarah Palin.

At the same time, most reporters are liberal, it is almost a prerequisite for the job. So they must write about Palin, but can't help but bashing her.

Nothing proves Palin drawing power more than Esquire magazine.

Their Sarah Palin profile piece isn't due to hit the news stands until March. But they have put Five quotes from the interview on their web site and of course they are getting a record number of hits already.

If you don't think Sarah Palin is a viable candidate for President, you haven't been paying attention. She is popular and dominates the same media she detests. It is a strange, dysfunctional relationship. Palin and the Media both despise and need each other at the same time. They are both revolted and attracted to each other.

Here is one of the Esquire preview quotes from Sarah:

"Bored, anonymous, pathetic bloggers who lie annoy me....I'll tell you, yesterday the Anchorage Daily News, they called again to ask — double-, triple-, quadruple-check — who is Trig's real mom. And I said, Come on, are you kidding me? We're gonna answer this? Do you not believe me or my doctor? And they said, No, it's been quite cryptic the way that my son's birth has been discussed. And I thought, Okay, more indication of continued problems in the world of journalism."

You can read all of the quotes by clicking here.

CBS Says Sarah Palin is Right about Media Bias!

It may be a sign of the coming Apocalypse!

Watch now for locust and plagues.

On the CBS.Com site, columnist John Friedman says Sarah Palin is right about a Media double standard in its coverage of her family.

Of course, the headline was a little snarky, "Sarah Palin is Right This Time." The "This Time" thrown in to emphasize the point that she has been wrong in the past in CBS.Com's "unbiased" opinion.

And the article is written, not by one of the CBS Washington reporters, but by a New York reporter who covers financial news. In other words, he is outside the inner circle of like minded political types at CBS who have deemed "Palin bad, Obama good" at their secret meetings.

I guarantee you that John Freidman is getting heat from his colleagues at CBS for two reasons. First, that he dared to write a political piece. Second, that he dared to say something good about Sarah Palin. They will have to resend him the memo.

But here is part of the article:

"The Alaska governor, who has become a punching bag for the media, has a fair point about the way we have apparently set up a double standard for covering her children and those of President-elect Barack Obama. The media's standard for Palin is designed to make her look like a backwoods rube and embarrass her at every turn.

In the process, the press has no compunction about making public figures out of Palin's kids, which is simply not fair.

Palin is on the mark when she contends that journalists should back off and give her family some deserved privacy. If reporters want to disparage Palin for what she said on the 2008 campaign trail and afterward, that's acceptable. She is fair game, as a public figure. But yes, let's leave her children (not to mention her newborn grandchild) out of it.

Obama and First Lady-to-be Michelle Obama have asked reporters to show respect to their situation by leaving their young girls alone so that they can acclimate to the daunting worlds of a new school, a new city in Washington, D.C., and especially their new home, the White House.

Obviously, that's an entirely reasonable request. And the media seem poised to honor it. Good for them. It's commendable to give children special protection. It's hard to imagine what kind of cauldron the Obama kids have stepped into, so I'm glad to see journalists letting the Obama girls have a little room to breathe.

It also says a lot, though, about how the media are eager to exploit Palin, who emerged from the shadows last summer to assume the public persona of Alaska's 21st Century incarnation of Annie Oakley. Palin and her handlers conjured up this indelible image throughout her failed run as vice president on the Republican ticket.

Palin is correct - to a point - that the appearance of a double standard says a lot 'about our society."

Now Friedman didn't go entirely off the CBS reservation. He did make fun of Palin for getting angry at the Tina Fey in the SNL skit when she said, "I believe marriage is a sacred bond between two unwilling teenagers."

Friedman writes, "Earth to Sarah: OF COURSE they exploited you - gleefully, as a matter of fact. Psst, you were really, really famous, you know.

But don't worry, Sarah. I never really believed Fey's hilarious suggestion that you could see Russia from your home."

Um, Earth to John Friedman. Sarah Palin has said before that she though the SNL bits were funny and she even appeared on the show.

She is being consistent in getting angry at a the one shot at her children. Bristol Palin was a target because SNL was getting their material from the same media reports you alleged to believe were out of bounds and unfair.

Sarah Palin is a Mother first and of course she would get angry at any perceived slight at her daughter and future son-in-law.

But, I understand, you had to find fault somewhere, even if it meant that you contradicted your own argument. After all, you have to keep your job at CBS.

You can read Freidman's entire article by clicking here.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sarah Palin Talks About Bloggers - Rove and Brazille Talk about Sarah Palin - McCain's Daughter Refuses to

Sarah Palin wants bloggers to use their names. She blames anonymous bloggers for spreading lies about her on the Internet.

David Hulen of the Alaska Report got the interview with the Governor when she showed up at the Wasilla Sports Center on Saturday to watch her daughter play basketball.

You can read David's report by clicking here.

Here is Governor Palin's quote: "I would love for names to be on the blog entries so that people are held accountable when they lie. Now if they're just blogging information or something perhaps to get some curiosity up or to make a point, that's all legit, that's fine. But when people lie and get to hide behind some anonymous name on a blog and then from there, perhaps, that comment, that point made becomes a hard news source, and there's that lack of accountability because of that, it gets very frustrating for the subject matter. And you know, of course, I speak from personal experience being the subject matter when people have lied on those blogs."

ROVE and BRAZILE think Sarah will run in 2012

Democratic strategist Donna Brazile and GOP guru Karl Rove pontificated about Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s future at the annual dinner for the Georgia Chamber of Commerce at the World Congress Center in downtown Atlanta.

With an eye to the 2012 elections, both strategists were asked whether Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin could re-emerge as a national candidate.

Rove said she has to demonstrate she can “grow” into the role of a national political figure to sustain that momentum. Rove said he thinks she will resurface if "she could grow to become a major policy player with wonderful ideas."

He added, "“Now that she’s on the stage, the bar has been raised.”

Brazile's rapid-fire answer didn't miss a beat: "You betcha."

Brazile also said Palin had some valid points when she criticized her treatment by the media.

“We do have cultural bias about women candidates,” Brazile said.

But John McCain's Daughter won't Say Palin

John McCain's daughter Meghann gave a fairly candid interview to a New Hampshire blog, with a single exception:

No comment on the selection of Governor Sarah Palin as Senator McCain’s running mate?

“Sarah Palin is the only part of the campaign that I won’t comment on publicly.”

The Same Tina Fey Who Skewered Sarah Palin Can't Take Criticism

Tina Fey took her career to a new level by lampooning Sarah Palin.

Fey was named Entertainer of the Year because of the Palin skits and last night she won two Golden Globe Awards. But during her speech we found out that Tina can dish it out but she can't take it.

It seems Tina Fey has a thin skin to criticism

Even after a tsunami of accolades, Tina is upset about three anonymous Internet message board commenters. She showed just how upset she is by telling the three to "suck it!" on National TV.

Here is the way they tell the story on MTV.Com:

OK, maybe that’s not how that one goes, but Tina Fey proved one thing at Sunday night’s Golden Globes: Liz Lemon’s alter ego may be a world-famous actress/ writer/ producer/ Sarah Palin doppelgänger who makes the cover of Vanity Fair and seems to be living the dream, but she still obsesses over what anonymous hacks post about her online as much as she did about the mean girls in high school.

Fey blasted some hilarious buckshot at some of her more vocal detractors during an acceptance speech Sunday night for Best Actress in a TV Series - Comedy for her work on “30 Rock,” instantly topping the night’s sound-bite library by telling previously anonymous dissers BabsonLacrosse, DianeFan and Cougar Letter to “suck it!”

DianeFan didn’t take it sitting down, jumping on the Los Angeles Times‘ “Gold Derby Forums” and blasting back, “I’m famous. She mentioned BabsonLacrosse too. Sorry Tina Fey but I still don’t think you deserved to win.” And, when told she was totally pwned by Fey in front of millions by another poster, she defended herself by saying, “I don’t think I’m a clown at all.”

According to Gawker, this turf battle has been brewing for months, as DianeFan (who used to be known as “cougar-letter”) and BabsonLacrosse have been tossing grenades at the bespectacled TV dynamo since the former “Saturday Night Live” star returned to her old stomping grounds for her now-infamous take on former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

“I think there are lots of choices other than Tina. Megan Mullally, Sarah Silverman, Teri Hatcher, Shannen Doherty,” DianeFan reportedly posted in September. ” … Not everyone has to think that Tina Fey is the be-all and end-all. … I simply think all of those actresses have some spunk in them that could work.”

A month later, the knives really came out, when, posting as Cougar-letter, she wrote that Fey would make a “dreadful host” for the Oscars and came back several weeks later on the official “30 Rock” season-three thread that “Tina Fey was simply like the pimple on my face — just there.”

But things got really vicious in December, after the Globe nominations were announced. The disgruntled poster opined, “I just hope they give the win to anyone but Tina Fey. Boy, I can’t wait until Edie Falco comes back on the scene just to wipe that smug look off Tina’s face.”

If you want to check out the message board that Tina read to see who's trashing her, click here.

Also Gawker has more of the posts that Tina is so upset about and video of the speech. To see the video and read the post click here.

Sarah Palin has been criticized for being thin skinned after attacks on her family, her intelligence and religion.

Sarah Palin has been criticized for being thin skinned for responding to lies about her infant son, her record as Governor and her stand on moral issues.

They are things to get angry about.

For those of you that don't know he difference, Tina Fey is illustrating what it means to be neurotically thin skinned.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Sarah Palin Blog Responds to Questions and Critics

I want to take a moment to respond to some of the questions and comments to The Sarah Palin Blog:

How can I get contact info for David Shuster???

I would try or David.Shuster@MSNBC.Com

Please write back and let me know if they work and if you get a response.

"If Sarah Palin was 'smart in the interview' then I wonder what it would take to be judged stupid?"

I would judge trying to sell a political office to the highest bidder like Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich as being stupid. I would judge transferring large amounts of money in your personal bank account to pay for a high priced hooker like former Governor Eliot Spitzer did as stupid.

On the other hand, I would judge a mother of five being able to take on corrupt politicians in her own political party to become Governor as someone who has some smarts. Governor Sarah Palin has also guided her state brilliantly through this deep recession. I think that is smart.

Does that answer your question?

"In a perfect world she could be a smart classy politician and a down home soccer mom but she can't have it both ways."

Well, see now, I think that is an insult to women. I know many powerful, smart, classy politicians and businesswomen who can also be soccer Moms and do both brilliantly. Sarah Palin is redefining for us what a successful woman is. You can have it all. You don't have to choose between a career and a family life. I think your "perfect world" is upon us for bright, hard working women.

"Keep on NOT posting letters critical of Sarah, and you, Editor, will GUARANTEE that only Alaskans like that woman."

Well, that is just not true that "only Alaskans" like Sarah Palin. Just ask Senator Saxby Chambliss in Georgia if Sarah Palin has appeal beyond the Alaskan borders. he credits her for rallying enough support for him to win re-election in a special election. And, by the way, I do post letters critical of Sarah, including yours.

After several complaints and thoughtful emails, I have stopped posting comments that use profanity or make ugly personal attacks. But most critical comments are published.

"Levi quit school and was excited to get the apprentice job" doesn't that say it all? Why should he be able to 'fly under the radar'? It would have come out sooner or later, so why blame the radio host? He IS A DROPOUT - how can anyone deny that? Palin put her kids in the spotlight and drug this kid along, why do we have to leave them alone now? Why shouldn't they be held up to the same standards?"

The radio host also charged Governor Palin with using her influence to get Levi the job. He did so without any proof. The accusation has since been proven to be false. It was reckless and irresponsible.

As for the accusation that Levi is a dropout, that is also false. He is not physically going to Wasilla High, but he is taking correspondence classes. If you call him a dropout, you would also have to call many teenagers across the country. who are either home schooled or cannot physically make it to classes, dropouts. Your hateful bias makes you irrational.

Lastly, you are right. Levi should just re-apply to be an apprentice after finishing his classes. He was a young kid trying to do the right thing and support his family. I feel bad that once again he is a target because of the media spotlight on his Mother. Other kids in his position would not undergo the same scrutiny. Sue me for having a heart.

"During the campaign, reports were that you had attended five different colleges before finally receiving a BS degree in Communications-Journalism from the University of Idaho. With this on the table and your recent comments from the documentary, the University of Idaho should consider resending your degree. Although I have never taken any journalism classes, my common sense tells me that at least one of the classes had to have discussed the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution. You know the one about free speech."

First, this isn't Sarah Palin, it is just the name of the site.

Second, if you understood the 1st Amendment, like you claim you do, you would know that free speech cuts both ways. Sarah Palin has every right to blast what she sees as unfair reporting.

"Hey, I see you've formed a Sarah Palin group. Awesome! I made a video about her and I'm trying to get it out there. Do you think that you could mail it to the members of your group and/or send it to as many pro-Palin people as possible? Thanks!"

Nice job Seth! I am proud to post your video.

Thanks all for your questions and comments. I see from the comments that there is a mean partisan spirit still alive and well in America and on the Internet.

Let me end by saying that Barack Obama is my President. I am proud of his accomplishments. I am proud that a bright and inspirational man who happens to be an African American has been elected the most powerful person in the free world.

When he ran I was worried about his inexperience and his extremely liberal philosophy, but that was then and this is now.

My new President takes office on January 20. I did not vote for him, but I will watch his swearing in with pride because I am an American first.

I hope everyone can put aside their bad feelings for awhile as we attempt together to solve the problems of this country. There will be plenty of time for partisan rancor in the years ahead.

God Bless America.