Monday, September 7, 2009

Sarah Palin Call the Associated Press Evil

Sara Palin's Latest Facebook Post:

Many of us join Secretary Gates in condemning the Associated Press for its heartless and selfish decision to turn its back on the wishes of a grieving family in order to exploit the tragic death of a true American hero.

Lance Corporal Joshua ‘Bernie’ Bernard was a selfless young American who sacrificed everything for our freedom.

Shame on the AP for purposely adding to the grieving family’s pain. Ignoring the family’s wishes by publishing a sacred image of their loved one proved a despicable and heartless act by the AP. The family said they didn’t want the photo published. AP, you did it anyway, and you know it was an evil thing to do.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Bernard family. Words can not adequately express our sorrow and appreciation for your sacrifice. We will never forget your Marine or his fallen comrades.

May God bless the Bernard family.

-Sarah Palin

To read more about the photo and the debate over it being published click here.
To read about Secretary Gates reaction to the photo click here.

My Take. Good for Sarah Palin. She is able to call attention to an issue like few other politician in America.

And now she is using that power to support one family grieving over the loss of their son to war.

And to support Robert Gates and the administration in this regard is admirable.

Remember, that Sarah Palin has a son in Iraq. She more than most can empathise with the Barnard family. I'm certain that is why she used the word "evil." It was a conscious choice by the AP to show the photograph. They chose to run this photo despite the pleadings of a mourning family. To do something that is hurtful when you can easily make another choice - that is "evil."

The AP has been defended by the left as showing the horrors of war. We have seen the horrors. We are aware.

Don't hurt a grieving family when you have other options.

Again - evil is the word. Well done Sarah.

In a related story, our man Andrew Malcolm of the LA Times did something wonderful today. He gave tribute to those Americans on duty today from those of us who are off duty. Click here for Andrew's Column - and here is the video he attached -

Well done Andrew.


Barbara Thomson said...

I read a funny blog with a Sarah Palin comment:

Michael April said...

The callousness of this act is only surpassed by the AP’s anti-American and anti-military motive to release this picture.

Tom Curley, president and chief executive of the AP and the photographer Julie Jacobson are both responsible for this violation of the public peace.

At a time when our military commanders are calling for more troops to accomplish our ‘anti- terror-war President’s’ objectives in Afghanistan and provide ‘safety in numbers’ to our troops, the Associated Press is intentionally interpreting it responsibility to print this picture in what obviously is an effort to sway American public opinion against additional troop deployment into Afghanistan.

This AP incited sedition; if successful; would undermine our military’s ability to perform their task efficiently and criminally cause more deaths and injuries to our forces. This is NOT an option and the AP executives responsible should suffer a harsh penalty for it.

Anonymous said...

So much fuss over someone as inconsequential as Palin. William Buckley must be rolling over in his grave over what has happened to the conservative movement.

Michael April said...

I read Wealthy Per$pective’s – BOD article:

How the writer attributed Sarah Palin to his experience with the board of directors is obviously fantasy. It’s a motivational pretext to express his hate as evidenced by his quote - “We just didn’t want the bitch in the White House” – the article is stupid.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"So much fuss over someone as inconsequential as Palin. William Buckley must be rolling over in his grave over what has happened to the conservative movement."

Two things: I think Palin shamelessly exploited this issue with the AP in order to keep her
name in the public eye. After her
claims about healthcare reform
were debunked up and down,
she needed a new cause and
decided to use an issue that
at least had some basis in fact. She still is cynically exploiting the situation to maintain a
public profile; just wonder when
she will sick Van Flein (who looks like a troll or odd creature one would find in the Mos Eisley cantina) on Levi Johnston; threaten
a lawsuit that never transpires.

While Buckley remains the foremost
conservative intellectual, his
most famous and repeated
quote, "I'd rather entrust the government of the United States to the first 400 people listed in the Boston telephone directory than to the faculty of Harvard University"
is somewhat of a precursor to
today's anti-intellectual
conservatism. While academics
are prone to mistakes and
dumb remarks; accusing Israel
of "disproportionate" response
without ever defining what
is proportional in a real world
context and many of the geniuses
behind both Vietnam and Iraq came
from academia-McGeorge Bundy,
Paul Wolfowitz, et al; that
quote has provided cover for
modern anti-intellectual screeds
by Republicans and conservative
commentators and has given
someone so inconsequential
like Palin somewhat of a platform.

Outside of that statement, Buckley
was an intellectual conservative;
pro big business, anti-communist
and pro defense. In his later years, he supported some form of drug legalization and came to
oppose U.S. policy in Iraq,
reaffirming the traditional
conservative/realist position
about the use of American power
and nation building.

That said, her outrage is
a political stunt; to keep her
name in the news and to
drive down Obama's poll
numbers by tying Afghanistan
around his neck. She is
attacking her favorite target,
THE MEDIA and once again
trying to use soldiers and
patriotism to further her
own ends.

Michael April said...

Sarah Palin is right!
Joshua Bernard was struck by a rocket-propelled grenade during a Taliban ambush of his squad while this AP photographer Julie Jacobson was standing there photographing him suffering. She didn’t rush to help him, she just took pictures of him laying there dying.


Tom Curley, president and chief executive of the AP prints this picture of Joshua Bernard’s last moments of life to further his necrotic interests and positions.

By releasing this photograph; Curley effectively spit on the memory of this patriotic young man by advertising his death to elicit the ethically challenged sewer he and the AP thrive in.

These actions by AP, Tom Curley and Julie Jacobson should not go unpunished; they should be made to feel some of the pain and death this young soldier suffered.

I hope the family sues the ethical shit out of the AP.

Missy said...

The Associated Press is nowhere as pretty as Sarah! Go, Sarah, GO!!!