Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Another Sarah Palin Coming Out Party

Sarah Palin is ready for yet another coming out party.

The former Governor of Alaska has not been home of late. She has been holed up in an undisclosed location writing her book. Reports are that she is almost finished.

Now it is time to make a splash and make some money. First stop - Hong Kong.

I know it has already been reported, but now it is official. Meg Stapleton confirms that Sarah will be speaking in Hong Kong at the CLSA Investor’s Forum, an annual conference of global investment managers. Previous speakers at the event include President Bill Clinton, Alan Greenspan, and Al Gore. The forum is sponsored by the CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets.

I didn't post anything about it until now because so many times in the past people and organizations have used Sarah Palin's name on material, claiming she was coming to speak, only to find out that she never committed.

So now I wait for confirmation until I post.

Sarah Palin's attorney recently said that they are sorting through over 1,070 requests, offers ad invitations to speak.

You can expected for Sarah Palin to accept some requests that help her profile and political future - GOP dinners and Conservative causes.

Some she will take because the cause is near and dear to her heart - special needs, caregivers, the NRA and Pro-Life dinners and events.

And some she will accept for the money. There is nothing wrong with that. Sarah Palin has the ability to make a lot of money for herself and her children. Every former President and high profile government officials who are able to make money from speeches do so.

I am inclined to believe that Sarah Palin agreed to speak at the Investor's forum because it served all three purposes. Alan Greenspan, Bill Clinton and Al Gore have been previous keynote speakers at the forum and they were paid well. You can bet that Sarah Palin is getting six figures for the speech. She is sure to talk about energy and Cap & Trade, two topics she is passionate about. And a major foreign policy speech on trade, energy and the global economy will help her political positioning for a 2012 run.

You can read more about CLSA by clicking here.

Sarah Palin's post Gubernatorial strategy is becoming more clear. She took time to write her book. She is now going to hit the National and International speaker's circuit. And then expect her to make a series of campaign stops for Conservative Congressional and Senatorial candidates in states and districts across the country in 2010.

And then...the race for the 2012 Republican Presidential Nomination is officially on. Although unofficially the race is well underway.

Here is the press release from the CLSA:

Hong Kong, 31 August 2009 - CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets, Asia's leading independent brokerage and investment group, will host the former Governor of Alaska and Republican vice-presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, in her first international speaking engagement outside North America.

Palin will address CLSA clients and delegates in a keynote speech at the 16th CLSA Investors’ Forum to be held in Hong Kong from 21-25 September. Palin joins a list of noted global leaders including Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Alan Greenspan who have chosen the CLSA Investors’ Forum as their platform of choice to reach global institutional fund managers and CEO’s of Asia’s leading listed corporations.

CLSA Chairman and CEO Jonathan Slone said: "As the first female governor of Alaska and the youngest person ever elected governor of that state, Palin has broken new ground in US politics and we are delighted that she will make her first visit to Asia to present at the CLSA Investors’ Forum."

"CLSA consistently sets the benchmark for original and thought-provoking content, and aims to present global political and industry leaders whose policies and platforms have influenced global markets."

Joining Palin, are more than 40 keynote and specialist speakers including Niall Ferguson, Harvard professor and author of the bestseller The Ascent of Money; Robert Fisk, Middle east correspondent for The Independent and one of the few Western journalists to have interviewed Osama bin Laden; Sir Ken Robinson author of The Element: How finding your passion changes everything; Satyajit Das author of Traders, Guns and Money; David Roche, economic and political analyst; and Marc Faber, investment contrarian and author of Tomorrow’s Gold.

Now in its 16th year, the CLSA Investors’ Forum is Asia’s premier investment conference providing unrivalled corporate access to 1300 global fund managers from 32 countries, representing more than US$10trillion in funds under management. Over five days, they meet with more than 400 CEOs and CIOs of Asia’s leading listed corporations in 2500 group and private meetings. Simultaneously, a seven-track schedule offers over 200 keynote, specialist, CLSA analyst and corporate presentations.

The CLSA Investors’ Forum is CLSA’s annual flagship event and one of six held throughout the year. Participation is by invitation only.


Anonymous said...

joke is on Palin. She's the comic relief.

Anonymous said...

how can anyone take any anonymous comment as anything but,no balls ang just crap.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said "how can anyone take any anonymous comment as anything but, no balls ang(sic) just crap". well good thing I know you are don. I knew a don once. that makes what you wrote so much more meaningful. I get it were being ironic. Sorry, I didn't get it at first. Unlike you, most Palin supporters do not get irony.
Lee (does that make you feel better?)