Friday, June 12, 2009

Sarah Palin on Colbert Report

This is the way Matt Tobey of Comedy Central introduced this clip on their web site. Remember, these are hos words - not mine.

POSTED BY: Matt Tobey
Throughout the show's week in Iraq, The Colbert Report has featured taped messages from two former Presidents, Bush I and Clinton, and one current President, Obama. Well, last night, they officially covered all their bases with an appearance by a future President.*

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Stephen Colbert - funny. David Letterman - not funny.


ozzy said...

Get off your high horse you self rightous ass! They were jokes, despite the fact YOU did not find them funny, 98% of america did. AMERICA lady!! Freedom of speech...ever read the Bill of Rights?? Oh can't read. I hope you lose any future elections and fade into obscurity. I am proud to say I would DIE defending YOUR right to make jokes, but people like you seem to want to FORCRE YOUR values on the rest of us. Piss OFF!!

Anonymous said...


Perhaps you value your perverted values more than decency.

There is more than 2% of decent Americans who is getting a gut full of slum dogs supporting slum dogs.

Anonymous said...

Ozzy, I am sure that you do not have children. If you did, you would be incensed about someone making those kind of jokes about your children. I am sorry, whether 14 or 18, I would take umbrage about ANYONE comparing my daughter to a prostitute which was what he did when he did the Eliot Spitzer joke.

Regardless, she is not forcing her values on anyone. That is what some would like you to believe. She has NEVER, EVER said that she would do anything that would infringe on people's beliefs, whether it is abortion, right to bear arms, etc. She has her values and would defend to the death also your values. This is the USA. That is one difference, she DOES believe in the Constitution. There is freedom of speech and it is available to ALL, not just the ones that think like you. Furthermore, I do not think that 98% of American found them funny, and if you are sure they did, where did you get those numbers? Please publish those findings. I think not. So, just like you have the freedom of speech to say that 98% of Americans found it funny, I can also fall back on my freedom of speech and say that 100% found it offensive. Mysoginy in this day and age is not funny. As far as ot being able to read, she did not do too bad this week when she got PRIVATE monies to build a pipeline that Alaska has been working on for about 30 years and could not do. You know PRIVATE MONEY, not taxpayer money. I wish some people would look at the facts and can think for themselves instead of spouting the same kool-aid drinking indoctrination. So sorry, that you cannot comprehend facts and are so indoctrinated that you just follow along like a lemming until you follow along and just die.

BARMAN said...

Is Sarah so thick she does not realize that Colbert is laughing at HER?