Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sarah Palin On CNN

Sarah is still ripping Letterman, still ripping Obama, but she is silent on running for re-election in Alaska.

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Free American Citizens said...

Individuals who plan to run for a future higher office can not announce or indicate they plan to do so... Once they announce this to the public or indicate it, under the Federal Election Campaign (FEC) Laws everything changes, plus we have not reached the date that allows someone to "register" to run for 2012...

Only a Nonconnected Political Action Committee may build earmarked funds to encourage a “clearly identified potential candidate” to run for future office. Once the candidate announces their run, then the earmarked funds must delivered to the candidate’s campaign treasurer with a detailed list of who made the contribution and supporting details…per FEC Laws.

This is probably why Gov. Sarah Palin could not answer those questions about her future.