Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sarah Palin - Likeable But Not Electable?

Supporters of Sarah Palin should not ignore or discount polls like the new one from PPP, Public Policy Polling.

It shows that Sarah Palin has a great strength in her connection with votes, but needs to overcome the smears that she is not up to the task of being President.

PPP asked people who did not approve of Barack Obama, who they liked.

Sarah Palin was out in front with 75 percent saying they liked the Governor. Mike Huckabee was second with 67 percent, Romney had 62 and Gingrich was last with 54 percent.

BUT, when the same people were asked who they would vote for - the Alaska Governor finished last. Huckabee has %81, Gingrich %75, Romney %71 and Palin had 68 percent.

I don't see this as a negative, but a wake up call. It is nearly impossible to become more likable, it is possible to improve your stature and study.

Remember, this is the exact same criticism that Ronald Reagan had to overcome - that he was affable, but an intellectual lightweight. Those who under-estimated him did so at their own peril - same with Sarah Palin.

By the way, only 60 percent of those who were unhappy with Obama were Republicans, 26percent were Independents. You can see the breakdown by clicking here.

Sarah Palin has always done substantially better in polls that focus on solely Republican voters, and that is what matters in the caucuses and primaries.

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Greg said...

You have to take PPP polls with a grain of salt. They are always heavily loaded with democrats, and vastly over poll blacks. Just prior to the election PPP was predicting an 0bama win by 15 points.

PPP is run by Bill Clinton's old pollster, who later worked for Gore and then Kerry.

I believe Gov. Palin will out fundraise all the other possible candidates combined if she decides to enter the primaries. She has tremendous strength among the pro-life voters (she essentially owns that subject,) NRA voters (I eat therefore I hunt, great quote whoelse can say that?) and also will have the lions share of Evangelical voters since Franklin Graham has, for all intents and purposes endorsed her by featurnig her in his fundraising campaign. Since it is usually the base that turns out during the primaries, she can very easily win the majority of the primaries. Once she secures enough delegates to win the nomination, the money will flow into her campiagn like water. She will win the overwhelming majority of republican voters, significant numbers of independents, and you cannot rule out a significant number of votes based solely on her being the "historic" candidate this time around. 0bama gained at least a couple of percentage points based solely on his "historic" candidacy.

Gov. Palin will have to do a lot of preperation, she is perfectly capable of doing that, and assemble a crack team of trusted people to run her campaign