Thursday, May 21, 2009

Palin Versus McCain Again

What does Meghan McCain have against the Palin's?

First she said this on her blog right after the campaign - "Sarah Palin is the only part of the campaign that I won't comment on publicly."

Most took that to mean that she had nothing nice to say and choose option C.

Now, Sarah Palin's 18 year old daughter Bristol is trying to raise an infant and take a positive message of abstinence across the country as a way of fighting teen pregnancy.

So since Bristol Palin is pro-abstinence, Meghan McCain has decided that she is pro-sex. Oh her father must be so proud. Here is Meghan McCain on the Colbert Report -

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In the meantime, Bristol Palin and her son Tripp are on the cover of People Magazine.

She told People that she was not sorry she missed most of her Senior year, including the prom, as Wasilla High School because she had other things to worry about.

Bristol Palin, 18, has logged more of those "other things" than some people twice her age. In just the past nine months, she weathered her mother's bruising vice-presidential run; a failed engagement to boyfriend Levi Johnston that played out in the national media; and, most indelibly, a pregnancy that made her both mother and poster child. She is uncertain where she will go to college – she's thinking of a two-year business program – but says her near future will include advocating for teen-pregnancy prevention.

You can read more at by clicking here.

And you can read Pro-Sex Meghan McCain's "Blogette" by clicking here. She talks about being on the Colbert report.


sarah palin rocks said...

Meghan was jealous and quite unhappy about all the media frenzy over Sarah and Bristol. Meghan and Cindy McCain were ignored for the most part once the Palins came on the scene. The tension between the McCain ladies and the Palin gals was noticeable at campaign events.

This is Meghan's way of grabbing the spotlight and trying to push Bristol and Sarah aside. It's quite sad that a grown woman like Meghan feels so insecure about a teen girl and her mom.

Tiffany said...

Megan's attitude screams of "Mommy we have more money than them... why are they special!"

american freedomist said...

meghan mccain is a lazy, thoughtless, twinkie patrician who thinks she's entitled to fame and fortune because she's...well...caroline mean meghen..after a while, they all look alike these patrician hangers on

SallyW said...

If she was serious about progressively helping the young people of the Republican party she would stand by Bristol Palin. There's something Republicans have lost touch with. Camaraderie and showing respect toward an alternative to a common goal. All Megan McCain would have to do to show a glimmer of class is simply represent another alternative for today's youth. Whether it be adoption, condoms, whatever, instead of reducing herself to making fun of Bristol. She should acknowledge that abstinence IS an alternative.
She's a joke. She comes off like an airhead blond with her valley girl mannerisms. Contrary to her self absorbed impression of herself she is NOT the voice of the majority of young adults in this country. She's delusional and has enough political fame in her family to make her comfortable in the spotlight, but she's only noise. She's attracting only the liberal media who will feed off her then spit her out when they're done.

Dikindi said...

Build Sarah up by tearing someone else down?

What is that called?

Scanina said...

What problems do YOU have with sex?