Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Sarah Palin Defense Fund Is Up And Running

A defense fund to help Sarah Palin pay her mounting legal bills is now up on the web and operational.

Click here to go to the site. If you click on the donate button it will take you to FreeAmericanCitizens.org, a non-affiliated PAC. The legal defense fund is run by the organizer of the PAC.

According to the organizer,the defense money raised will go directly to Thomas Van Flein, Governor Palin's private attorney. Governor Palin owes over 500 thousand dollars in legal bills as she fights a series of ethics complaints filed by Democratic Operatives working in Alaska. The bills are expected to go much higher.

Clayton Paslay, a businessman who splits his time between Texas and Southern California, set up the fund. (Seen in the picture to the right with his wife Inge.)

Clayton tells me that he has never met the Governor, but set up the fund because he wants her "to get a fair shake." He also told me that he hopes Sarah Palin runs for President in 2012 because "We need someone to clean up Washington. Someone with grit like Governor Palin."

Mr. Paslay says he filed all the federal election legal papers for the special fund and spoke with Governor Palin's attorney. I called Mr. Van Flein's office and they confirmed that the fund is legitimate.

Paslay expects enemies of Sarah Palin to come after him. Paslay said, "I told Sarah Palin's attorney that I may need him too."

A friend of the Governor told me that another fund is being set up and that will be the official Sarah Palin Defense Fund.

To read more about the frivolous ethics complaint filed against Sarah Palin, click here for my previous postings.

****UPDATE**** I received this email from a spokesperson for the Governor about the Free American Citizens' defense fund for Sarah Palin:

It is legal. It's just not the official one. Please tell people that the official one is soon to come. Again, we do not know that donors will comply with our terms and guidelines which are very strict - we may end up needing to contact every single donor to ask the questions that we will be asking. However, we appreciate any and all assistance! Thank you.

****ANOTHER UPDATE**** After reading the post Clayton Paslay wanted to assure everyone that every donation will be tracked and accounted for. He and his staff will be meticulous with the accounting because, as he says, "I know there is somebody out there waiting to shoot me down."

Again, just to be clear. Sarah Palin's attorney has given his assurance that this fund is legal and legitimate. So, if you give to this fund or the "official" one still to be set up, the money is all going to the same place - to pay for Sarah Palin's legal bills.


Jody said...

This is absolutely not the Sarah Palin defense fund site.

Free American Citizens said...


Supporters of Sarah Palin come from a wide range of people. We were able to get this Defense Fund drive up the following day after Bill O'Reilly on fox news requested for someone to develop one.

Please contact us for any questions or concerns you may have.

Jody said...

Free American Citizens,

Thanks for the reply. Just being careful. There have been a lot of people who exploit the governor. All I want is for her to get this debt paid and the weight of it off of her shoulders.

Thanks for helping. I appreciate anyone who would help the governor.
Are you going to contact Bill O'Reilly? He did promise to promote the cause and donate himself?

Free American Citizens said...


I've made several attempts to reach Bill O'Reilly, but to no avail.

I am with you, he did promise! If you or anyone have a means of reaching him...please do so..


Anonymous said...

I don't think there is enough money to cover GINO's lack of common sense, wrong decisions and generally stupid self serving decisions. However, that all said, please send all your hard earned money to Thomas Van Flein as he is trying very hard to defend her just as every other felon in this country deserves fair representation by law. Good luck Tom.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if you really want to help, why don't you take Sarah Palin off our hands? She's yours for the taking. And while you're at it, you can have all her corrupt baggage, her inability to lead, her total disdain of government and laws, her lack of knowledge, her vindictiveness, her cronyism, and all the future pending lawsuits that are coming her way as she insists on thumbing her nose at due process, honest government, the citizens of Alaska, and the Alaska Legislature. Hell, we'll even take up a collection to send her down there to 'ya. (wink, wink!)
You Betcha!

Anonymous said...

She can afford her own legal bills according to her financial report, the Palins have over 7 million in investments. If they make so little money just how do they have that much in assets, not to mention an airplane and have registered over 40 vehicles in the past few years, and a half million dollar house. It was reported a quarter million was spent on her and her family for clothes, toys, massages, makeup and hair during just two months of campaigning. Just think what she could spend in two years of campaigning. If she did get elected they would have to keep that image up so you better have deep pockets to support her vanity. She would be better suited working for Fox to feed most of her needs, admiration and money, a lot more than POTUS, the main thing she craves though would not be meet and that is power and control over other people.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin to clean up Washington? How do you clean anything with a dirty rag? Have you done any research? She is as corrupt and self-serving as they come. She lies. She lies about her lies. Then she lies about the lies that she lied about, if you get my drift.

Anonymous said...

Funny how sex appeal makes men, in particular, ignore Palin's serious shortcomings.It is mostly men driving the Palin love fest. Ah but women get deluded too simply because she's the Gov. Unfortunately most well educated women I know would be embarrassed to be seen with her. BTW, well educated doesn't mean elitist just in case you have no clue. Her inability to lead her state and word salad speech is appalling. If my high school daughter talked like that I'd have her tutored or held back until she learned how to speak properly. I am a "real" American as is every citizen in this nation and certainly would never emulate Sarah Palin. I did not and never would vote for her for anything. As a life long Republican I think more of my nation than to subject it to mediocrity. Send your money, it'll be a waste but then as is said a fool and his money are easily parted.

Anonymous said...

Hmn, seems like double speak to me. It's not the "official" defense fund site, yet the link directs one to the "official" site. Another example of how Ms. Palin tries to fool the public. The Do as I say, not as I do attitude is insulting at best, shameful in practice, and shows she has zero understanding of what the public expects.

Amy Jones said...

Dear well-intended people,
It is amazing how many people want to help and support Sarah Palin who 'have never met her' and who don't live in Alaska or have any idea how she is fulfilling her role as Governor. We wish she was a good governor, too. It would be great. It is NOT just 'Democratic operatives' whatever that is supposed to mean that are disappointed in her. It is just regular people that are having a hard time with her policies, attitude and behavior. Maybe they became Democrats because they are distressed with the governor, not the other way around. I am truly sorry to disappoint the people who want an alternative to Obama and are worried about what may happen, but she is not it, please believe the Alaskans who have to live with her as head of our state.

Amy Jones said...

Is this website supposed to be serious? The bright pink background and the disjointed message from the governor's office make it seem like this is a spoof - ?? Since she has an 'official' site for fund raising why would there need to be another one? Sorry I didn't catch the joke the first time!

Anonymous said...

Palin is a trainwreck in every sense of the word. Perhaps if she didn't behave in questionable ways, she wouldn't have racked up this kind of a legal tab. That said, why have an "official", "unofficial" or any OTHER kind of legal defense fund? I'm sure if folks send their money directly to the law firm, they will credit her account accordingly. This has "shady dealings" written all over it!

Anonymous said...

Palin is snubby. I would not give her a cent. The people of alaska should impeach her. I hope the people in alaska don't vote for her in the next election for Governor.

Anonymous said...

Sarah is an incredable person. She is smart, beautiful, tall and elegant. But she is not very saavy with money yet ( Ted Stevens will show her a couple of tricks before he dies). As A politican, she is one of the least corrupted of the bunch. So since she is fairly straight, i will give some legal suggestions to help her with her bills
1. Poise for playboy--- at least a million there.
2. donate her eggs as designer eggs who wouldn't want a daughter that hot--probably 100.000 per egg.
3. allow a 24 hour camera into her life- millions will watch.
4. sell Palin alaska gold bracelts.
5. run a kissing booth at county fairs, 100 dollars a smooch or 6000/hour
6.MC the miss america pagent
7. endorse produts such as ipods and play stations

She has so much potential that she doesn't ned our money as a donation, rather just help her push herself and products.

Anonymous said...

I have a problem with this organization upstaging the "official" Palin Defense Fund. Why? It's silly to stir confusion when it's been made known to the public that Palin is setting up her own defense fund. Can people let the governor do what is in her best interest instead of rushing to complicate things...sheesh!

Flicker said...

I dont know if you will print this comment as I am not for Sarah. It is unbeliveable that this woman cannot even speak in a complete sentence. And the way she conducted her self at the rallys with all the hatefulwords coming out of her mouth and endangered the Presidents life. The way she paraded her children on the national stage and having to drag poor Levi up there too. For the way she conducted herself and the fact that she may run in 2012 and the way the republicans in D C are trying every thing in their power to fight the president in what he is trying to do, I am no longer a republican. And now I feel good that when the primarys come up I do not have to vote for the choices they have and they are all lousy. And from what I see on this site she has plenty of money to pay for her own debts. And it is also a disgrace how she doesnt want to accept the stimulas money for her state to help the poor people in her state, she has to follow in the footsteps of Bobbby and Mark. And these guys think this will win them the election. Well dream on guys.

Editor said...


The only comments I do not post are ones that are lewd, threatening or use obscenities.

I let almost everything else go through.

The sole exceptions are comments on typos. I just fix the post and kill the comments out of pure embarrassment :)

Bob Diamond said...

Let me put this straight, as a person who works in legal aid in Alaska (and broadcasting from Oregon right now, as I am at a meeting with a major GOP donor):

The complexity of the legal system, as well as federal and state laws regarding legal defense funds, have created a system where Clayton's legal defense fund cannot be used. It is not the fault of SarahPAC, Gov. Palin, or even Clayton, that federal and state law are the way they are.

Secondly, there is a major problem right now with frivolous lawsuits being filed against Governor Palin in regards to all sorts of misdeeds, hence probably why SarahPAC and associates close to Palin are trying to go by the book.

It seems like this blog is doing more to harm Governor Palin than actually help. I would suggest working much more closely with places like Conservatives4Palin.com.

Editor said...


If you read my series of posts on this topic, you know that I contacted Mr. Paslay, Sarah Palin's attorney and Meghan Stapleton before going with the story.

ALL told me the fund was legal.

Now the fund is getting too much publicity and they changed their tune.

Conservatives4Palin is acting too much like a mouthpiece for SarahPac and I think they dropped the ball here.

Clayton Paslay is a good guy who loves Sarah Palin. He would do anything to make this work. They just need to talk with him and not around him.

Bill, the only real hold up between Federal and State law in this regard is that Alaska limits contributions to 150 dollars. Mr. Paslay has been made awrae of that and will comply.

This whole mess could have been avoided, but to blame me for reporting on it is just a little silly.

Almost as silly as Conservatives4Palin slamming me and claiming on their site that "they check their facts before going with a story"..an yet they didn't contact me, Mr. Paslay or anyone but SarahPac.

Anonymous said...

Sure she owes $500K because of the attacks of the liberal press during her run for VP....but she made over $2M for a book deal because of the attacks of the same. That's a tidy $1.5M profit. I'll take that.

1akn said...

Who paid for levi's trip to NY?? The kid is broke! No job. No education. His mom, I'm sure, is using the family cash to pay her attorney fees for 6 felony drug charges for selling oxycotin at our local Target. Poor Bristol should have gotten rid of him along time ago.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutly crazy. She got herself in this mess and should get herself out. She has caused more pain for our State than good. Trust me there is nothing behind the curtain if you will. It is all about Sara and she is in it for herself and no one else. Perhaps give to a charity worthwhile, like United Way, or Salvation army.

Anonymous said...

Jesus - what a VICTIM she turned out to be.

Dave said...

Hey all you spineless Liberals a.k.a. "Anonymous" what's the matter, are you to gutless to put your name on your opinion? You all want to criticize Gov. Palin and want to say she is corrupt. Like you think she's hiding something, but I'd bet you aren't screaming over the fact that your beloved Obama wont show his Birth Certificate and prove he's truly eligble to hold the Office the Liberal News Media, Acorn, and George Soros have put him in. What's He hiding? He also campaigned on "Transparency," "No Earmarks" "No Pork," go through "Each Bill Line By Line." None of which he has done. Why aren't you screaming about that. You're screaming about Gov. Palin only because you're afraid of good Honest, corruption free government.
Dave, Anchorage, Alaska

Anonymous said...

Bless your heart, Dave. Why, I bet you are smarter than Sarah.

Anonymous said...

I just can't understand what the party sees in Sara Palin, she is not and shouldn't be in a national level within our party. Please, open your eyes and lets focus with someone who is really qualified.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is a real person who has real principals. Obvisouly the left is intemidated by her. Barak Obama is not the real president oof the United States, he is only acting as the president of the USA. George Soros is the real president of the USA. Barak is a puppet for George Soros.

Michael said...

Future President Palin everything Dave is doing he did it to Bush when he was in office.Please give more ideas on which way you like to see the country go in.Every King or queen have a fool and Dave yours.Just stick to the issues don't do the Al Gore when he was fight with some rapper.Future President Palin can do so much for the country if only give the chance. God Bless and God Luck

Anonymous said...

ANYONE who has donated to this site, or the other really legal one which is to set be up and running, must be playing WITHOUT a full deck and looney as a crazy idiot! You may not want to hear/read the truth about her, but you have to face reality sooner or later. Listen to the news or read from websites that are not just 'favorable' to her and perhaps you actually learn what she is really about rather than just idolizing her for all the superficial reasons you have cooked up! This woman has NO MORAL COMPASS and needs to study subjects like English, current events and history so she will actually know what she is talking about rather than just trying to slide by on her looks! At least look at the FACTS and then make a decision based on her actual deeds as opposed to the facade of her 'word salad'

STEPHEN said...


Anonymous said...

Would someone please tell this bimbo to shut up, go home and stop making a fool out of herself. Thank you.