Friday, April 3, 2009

Bristol Palin's Ex Can't Talk And He Can't Shut Up

From the Tyra Banks Show Web Site:
For the first time, Levi Johnston, the former fiancé of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol, breaks his silence and sits down exclusively with the 'Tyra Show.'
Levi talks about his relationship with Bristol, what it was like to be thrust into the spotlight at the Republican National Convention, and why his engagement with Bristol Palin ended. Levi shares intimate details about his relationship with Bristol, what he really thinks of Gov. Palin and what it's like to be a teen father.

Tune in to the "Tyra Show" on Monday, April 6th for the full interview with Levi and his mother and sister.

How intimate are the details? Too intimate if you ask me. Johnston tells Tyra that he and Bristol practiced safe sex "most of the time." They have a clip on the Tyra Banks Show website Click here to see it.

And the New York Daily News Ran with the story that Sarah Palin knew the her daughter Bristol and Levi Johnston were having sex, even though Levi never said that. he was just guessing that she knew, "I'm pretty sure she probably knew. Moms are pretty smart." Click here to read the Daily News article.

And here is the CelebTV report:

By the way, could this kid have any less personality. I can't imagine watching an entire show with Mr. Comatose him, after a one minute clip I was done with him. Isn't the 15 minutes up for mumbles?


Anna said...

It is so sad that some in society have no shame in wanting to know your private life intimately. This was not a good thing that Levi did this interview. It shows no maturity on his part at all. Plus no respect on Bristol and her family going public like this.

TexMex said...

Figures...women talk amongst themselves about their relationships, but leave to the boys to go blabbing about intimate details. This kid has reached "tool" status in my book.
Hope the money he makes off this interview goes toward his baby boy and not beer and gym membership.

Anonymous said...

Good for Levi!

Oh, wait: is it now acceptable to hate him for telling HIS truth?

Mona Rogers said...

Sarah should have him killed for betraying the Palins like that.