Thursday, October 9, 2008

Uh-Oh, Did Anyone Warn Sarah About Philadelphia Fans?

No question, Sarah Palin is one tough Hockey Mom.

No question, Philadelphia Flyers fans are one tough Hockey mob.

What will happen when the two forces meet on Saturday?

Sarah Palin has agreed to drop the ceremonial first puck at the home opener of the Philadelphia Flyers Hockey game.

When Palin was in Philadelphia two weeks ago to attend a private debate watching party at the Irish Pub in Center City Philadelphia, Flyers owner Ed Snider was one of those in attendance.

Now on the face of it, it is a cute idea. The self-proclaimed Hockey Mom, who has captured the attention of the world, dropping the first puck at a Hockey Game. Or as Ed Snider said, "We are very excited she has accepted our offer and we are very proud of the publicity she is generating for hockey moms and the sport of hockey."

The big question is how will the Philadelphia Flyers fans react?

Philadelphia Fans, you may have heard, are a vocal bunch. They have pelted Santa Claus with snowballs and booed the Easter Bunny. In fairness, they were not at a Flyers game. But in an emotionally divisive political year, boos are always possible in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia and the state of Pennsylvania will be getting a lot of attention from both campaigns over the next few weeks. It is the one big state that went Democrats in the last two elections, that McCain/Palin think they can steal this year.

Obama did not help himself by calling the working class people of Pennsylvania, "bitter people who cling t their guns and religion."

The polls show the race is a dead heat in Pennsylvania.

Barack Obama will be in Philadelphia again tomorrow. He was in the suburbs over the weekend. Springsteen held a free concert for Obama on the Ben Franklin Parkway on Saturday. And McCain and Palin were in the steel town of Bethlehem yesterday. That was McCain's 14th visit to the state.

Hillary and Bill Clinton will be in Scranton on Saturday and Joe Biden will campaign twice in the Philadelphia area on Monday.

But Palin at a Hockey game?

It is unusual for a team to show support for a candidate. Flyers management claims they are not, even though Snider gave $25 thousand to the McCain campaign.

Some Flyers season ticket holders have already expressed displeasure at making their game a political event.

Lets just hope they don't take it out on Sarah. Because I have been at the Wachovia Center and when they boo, it can be deafening.

My guess is that most fans will be polite and applaud. At worst, some will sit on their hands. The boos will be few and drowned out.

By the way, it is ironic that Wachovia Bank, one of the banks in trouble in the current financial crisis, has the naming rights to the arena.

Maybe it is an appropriate place to bring a campaign after all.


Lew said...

Dude. It's over. 'Really Close in Pennsylvania?' These are very fresh numbers from a variety of polls, via Real Clear Voting.

Strategic Vision (R) Obama +14
Morning Call Tracking Obama +12
Rasmussen Obama +13
SurveyUSA Obama +15
Quinnipiac Obama +15

Dropping a hockey puck is cute. Maybe she can wink and sing the National Anthem as well. That's such a better idea than focusing on issues!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

So how hangs out with domestic terrorista?

Anonymous said...

Dead Heat? In PA?

I want some of what you're smoking.

Anonymous said...

If I were`Sarah Palin, I would rather face the Philadelphia fans than the corrupt Democratic party. GO McCAIN/PALIN. PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP. I have switched my party from Dem to Republican because I am disgusted with the party I faithfully supported for my entire life.

Anonymous said...

If I were`Sarah Palin, I would rather face the Philadelphia fans than the corrupt Democratic party. GO McCAIN/PALIN. PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP. I have switched my party from Dem to Republican because I am disgusted with the party I faithfully supported for my entire life.

MR. RIGHT said...


Gelijkheid said...

Gee willickers, is this the wackiest move in sports history since George Bush traded Sammy Sosa? You betcha!

How insulting to the Flyer fans that don't follow Snider's politics (or have his huge pockets to fund his favorite hockey mom). Fans are supposed to all come together to celebrate and cheer their team. But this does fit right in the mold of the divisiveness that defines the McCain/Palin.

I would suggest, if want to have any credibility on your pretty-as-Sarah pink blog, you don't overestimate your candidate's poll position by 12 points.

Anonymous said...

I truly hope that Philly fans come through & boo the sh!t out of this Alaskan Buffoon. She is a viral, despicable human being - not to mention as dumb & uninformed as the backwards hick that she is. She is filled with vitriol and hatred like many of her GP base. Thye will get theirs in the end. Karma is a b!tch Ms Alaska.

Anonymous said...

This is going to go VERY badly for Ms. Palin. Can't wait to laugh along with everyone else.

Anonymous said...

I understand from bloggers that there will be over 5,000 anti-Palin protestors at the game. This should be fun to see

Its Our City said...

Hey did you guys see this...your blog is linked in the Politico story about Palin.

The Frozen Fan said...

Let's for a moment think outside of the little political box.

In the middle of an election, with the economy in trouble and the Phillies making a run through the playoffs, we're all talking about a hockey game. In the US. Before the Flyers' regular season has even started.

Hasn't anyone noticed that this is a major PR move by the Flyers?

love to laugh! said...

Hockey UPDATE: They booed her, rightly so.

Anonymous said...

They booed the ignorant hick. Philadephia has CLASS!!! Apparently, they know about her slaughter of infant wolves, polar bear cubs, and the parents of both. We cannot possibly tolerate a vicious woman capable of this savagery as our VP. Ideally, she'll be sent back to Alaska where she'll be impeached and sent to prison. That's what she deserves. She's a savage, race baiting right wing idealogue who incites her mob to a murderous rage.

Anonymous said...

Do yourself a HUGE favor. Stop watching Fox Faux News. Not only is it total garbage but you are regurgitating what they say, it some cases nearly word for word. If you cannot write for yourself then end this stupid blog.

Anonymous said...

It must have been pretty bad, they had to crank the music up to cover the boos.

And from this crowd no less, of all the sports teams in Philly, the Flyers crowd is closest to the traditional Republican voter.

Then again, the MILF said she favored the Rangers, duhh, could she really be that dumb? You betcha.