Monday, October 20, 2008

Liberal Alec Baldin and Liberal Media Elite Praise Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin continues to get praise for her performance on Saturday Night Live.

Reuters is reporting that Liberal, Democratic Actor Alec Baldwin is coming to the defense of Palin and SNL. And the New York media is fawning over her performance.

Baldwin wrote a blog for the Huffington Post.

About Palin he wrote, "Palin came on to be a good sport. And she was. She was polite, gracious. (More so than some of the famous actors who come through there, believe me.)"

And about those who criticized Saturday Night Live for having her on, claiming it would influence the election, he wrote, "You're kidding, right? The woman is the Vice Presidential nominee of one of the two major parties in this country. Don't put her on SNL? With all of her exposure and the Tina Fey performance? What reality are you in?"

And even the left-leaning New York Times had nice things to say about Palin on SNL.

Ms. Palin's delightful performance on Saturday stood out from the efforts of other politicians who have made fun of themselves on the NBC late-night comedy show," wrote Alessandra Stanley in a New York Times column called The TV Watch.

In the Saturday Night Live skit, Baldwin looks at Palin and says, "You're way hotter in person." That must be true.

If Sarah Palin can charm Alex Baldwin and The New York Times into saying nice things, she can charm anybody.

ABC News did a strange column on the SNL appearance, where two writers ask the question, "Did Palin's SNL Stint Mak Any Difference?" and then never answer the question in four pages of copy.

But the article did alert me that the great Sara Benincasa (our second favorite Palin impersonator) posted a post-SNL Sarah Palin video blog. Enjoy -


Anonymous said...

Just goes to show you that the left can respect and praise a person from the other side of the aisle while still disagreeing with them and not voting for them. It is a shame that the right cannot manage to do the same but in their make believe world of black and white, for or against, friend or enemy they do nothing but divide and argue and belittle.

Martie Almond said...

Unfunny, useless, pointless cunt.

Anonymous said...

well said

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't talk about Sara Benincasa like that