Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Gloves Are Off. The Heels are On. Palin Goes on the Attack!

Sarah Barracuda is back.

Today Sarah Palin accused Barrack Obama of "palling around with terrorists." She quoted a New York Times article about Obama's one time relationship with William Ayers, the man who founded the infamous group of radicals called "The Weathermen," who took credit for protest bombings in the 70's.

This comes on the same day that the McCain campaign promised to amp up the attacks on Barack Obama. A staffer told Palin on the campaign plane, "Let's look at it this way. The gloves are off. The heels are on."

Those who saw Palin deliver the remarks in an airport hanger in Denver, Colorado say that she attacks with "a lilt in her voice and a smile on her face."

She can attack without sounding mean.

There is exactly one month to go before the election. Fasten your seat belt. There is going to be some turbulence.

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