How to do HIIT on Your Elliptical

Summer is coming up, and it’s time to take your workouts to the next level. An easy way to maximize your workouts is by doing HIIT on the elliptical. Not only is it super easy to change things up, HIIT is also effective and will shape you up in no-time.

HIIT stands for High-intensity interval training which basically means, work hard and you get to rest in-between each set. By doing a HIIT workout means you maximize your work, you get to rest, and it’s super quick compared to other types of cardio.

Already got your elliptical machine? Variate your workouts without losing any intensity by doing HIIT. Working out on the elliptical will keep your cardio up while you can target different muscle groups.

What’s also so good about the elliptical is that you can target your heart rate, set up goals with calories, steps per minute and distance, it is easy to measure your progress as if looking in the mirror and feeling healthier isn’t enough!

Workout 1

As with any workout you need to warm up for around five minutes before you start your HIIT, this is vital so that you don’t get injured, but also to prepare your body for the hard work you are about to do!

After warming up – it’s showtime! By calculating your heart rate 0.80 x [220- age], you find out the minimum of your heart rate during the high-intensity workout. But don’t forget, you get to rest too!

Each interval should range between 30 seconds to 2 minutes, depending on your fitness level and also how hard you push yourself. What is fantastic about HIIT is that you can fit it in your schedule and not lose any gains for your fitness.

After each interval, it’s finally time for the well-deserved resting period of active rest, which means lower the resistance but still move, though very slowly. The best thing is to repeat this cycle for 10 – 20 minutes. After a completed workout, cool down.

Workout 2

To get the best result when you’re working out on the elliptical, use both the resistance and incline, as long as you get your heart rate up, it is HIIT! For example, a 20-minute workout where you do two minutes of rest and one minute work.

The workout could look something like this: first, warm-up for two minutes with level 5 on both resistance and incline, the next minute is hard work, resistance up to 10 and the incline stays the same. Minute 3-5 increase incline to 7, and resistance 5.

The next interval, minute 5-6 you go up to 10 resistance and incline stays on 7, minute 6-8 down to the same rest resistance at 7 but incline up to 9 which is the incline you’ll stay until minute 12.

Minute 8-9, resistance is up to 12, for the next two minutes of “rest” back down to resistance 7, and guess what, we are more than halfway through. At minute 11-12 back up to resistance 12, the incline goes up to 9.

For the final push, two minutes of rest at resistance 9 and incline 11, minute 14-15 means hard work at resistance 14 and incline 11, but now we’re on the final stretch!

The last three sets all have incline 9, minute 15-17 have a rest at resistance 9, to the last push at minute 17-18 with resistance 12 and then the final two minutes at resistance 7. And now: 20 minutes of interval training completed!

Workout 3

Not all ellipticals have the nifty incline, and only have resistance, but don’t let that hinder you from getting that HIIT workout in and get the ultimate fat burn session of the day!

This workout is 28 minutes long, and don’t let that 8 extra minutes scare you, we are still resting 2 minutes between each interval! Warm up for 2 minutes at resistance 0-2 and then extend it with three more minutes at resistance 2-3.

The next minute will be pushing at resistance 8, down back for two minutes at resistance three, repeat this cycle ones more and then up at 9 minutes to resistance level 10.

Then, 2 minutes rest on resistance level 3 and repeat this cycle once more. At 13-14 minutes your final interval is at 8 and then two minutes rest on resistance level 2. Halfway there, you’ll now repeat minute 5 – 15 but pedaling the other way around (i.e., backward if you did forwards first or the other way around of course).

When you are done, at minute 25 do a three-minute cool-down to get both your heart rate and breathing down as it promotes recovery and mitigates the effect of cramping. Also, your body temperature gets gradually cooled down with is good for the muscles.

Workout 4

Another way to spice up your HIIT workout on the elliptical, by having your incline set at 9% and alternate every 3 minutes going backward and forwards. This workout is 30 minutes, with both warm up and cool down.

The work out begins going forward for three minutes, at a warm-up on resistance 6, then a three-minute interval also forward on resistance 12, the next three minutes is backward also on level 12.

What you do next for the following three 6-minute sets when you go forward increase the resistance with one each set. So, at 9 minutes go three minutes forward on level 13, and then the same but backward, at minute 15, forwards again but at 14.

The final set at 21 minutes, forward at resistance 15, with leg rotation backward at 24 minutes also on level 15. The last three minutes, go down to resistance level 6 and cool down to recover in the best possible way.

Workout 5

What is good to remember, no matter if you are a beginner or if you are a pro, is actually how versatile the machine is and can cater many fitness goals and make your HIIT also hit other target areas than ’just’ fat burning and ultimate cardio,

If you want to have a more quad focused HIIT session, pedal forward, and if you want booty and hamstring gains, pedaling backward. That way an alternating workout can really make you have an amazing leg session when you do HIIT.

Also, by using and pushing the handles, you can activate your chest muscles if you’re pulling them you work out your upper back! If you want to focus on your entire core, let go of the handles, stabilizing your balance while keeping the pace up!

As you might see, the elliptical can be used by any fitness level, it can benefit a lot of people with different schedules and goals. It’s a machine where you can experiment and alter your workout after what your wants, needs, and level.


What is a Hybrid Mattress

What is a Hybrid Mattress

When you are in the market for buying a new mattress, foundation, and bed set for your home, you may want to see what alternatives are available to you as you shop around. While there are many different types of mattresses and materials in stores today, you can easily exhaust yourself if you are trying to determine which is the best mattress for the family of 2019. This process can also become overwhelming when you are searching for more than one mattress in the same time frame. Particularly, when the individuals of the family have different sleeping habits and you are thinking about buying a hybrid mattress.

Keeping these things in mind, what is a hybrid mattress? The response to this question is as follows:

Suits More Than One Sleeping Style

Normally, the hybrid mattress can be described as a mattress that will cater to multiple needs and preferences. Since some of the family may want the best of two worlds, this mattress has been designed to fit these and other situations. For instance, the hybrid mattress may be made up of a combination of elements including memory foam materials, innerspring and latex. By the manufacturers considering the different options and the choice to provide the benefits of more than one, you can purchase a mattress that is made of both memory foam and innerspring interworkings.

Hybrid Mattresses Minimizes the Heat that is Generated from Memory Foam Materials

Hence, when you go to your local furniture store or shop online for what you need, you may find the hybrid mattress selections made up of a coil support system along with memory foam This is often the case when the buyer of the mattress may not want the added heat that comes from memory foam mattress but wants the benefits of the contour the body when they sleep. Simply put, some people want the traditional support that the innerspring mattresses provide and the contouring support of their memory foam mattresses.

Vary Based on Manufacturers

When you are looking for a hybrid mattress to purchase, you need to know the specifications that you are requiring as you make your decision. Since the type of hybrid mattress is dependent on specific manufacturers, you need to know this information as you search around. For instance, some people may prefer the steel support coil system that usually comes with the traditional mattresses of yesteryears, since they are great for reducing motion transfer between those who sleep in the same bed. Others may simply enjoy the features in a memory foam mattress because of the added support that they give. In either case, when you are trying to determine what is a hybrid mattress and what they are made of, you should start your search for the definition by seeking out the materials provided by that particular manufacturer.

Hybrid Mattresses Made with Pillow Tops for Euro Style and More

When you have a hybrid mattress in your home today, you can review it to see what the cushions are made of. For instance, if you want the standard pillow top instead of the Eurostyle mattress, you may want to think about and consider multiple kinds of materials that can be used. For instance, some of the pillow tops in the hybrid options offer a wide range of options for the mattress including fiberfill, wool, cotton, and foam. Each of which may even be customized to suit that specific family member or friend.

How Does this Hybrid Mattress Feel to the Individual

Because people have different sleeping styles and preferences, you should also know what to expect prior to making your purchase. For some, these mattresses can be ideal since they may like the sinking comfortable feeling that they give from a memory foam mattress and the firm support that is needed throughout the night. For instance, some people like the support of the coils but also prefer the memory foam feeling because they are side sleepers instead of back sleepers. Also, if the person is sleeping with someone else, they may find that these mattresses tend to be a lot more support for both people since they do not have to be concerned about the movement. Usually, these choices are made because it does minimize the amount of motion that the other person feels.

sleep so much

Why do I sleep too much

Sleep is essential. It helps the body to relax, rest and replenish the old cells. However, sleep is only reasonable, healthy and vital if it’s in the medically and scientifically recommended timelines. An average healthy adult is expected to sleep at least seven to nine hours a night, according to the Sleep Foundation

Oversleeping may come as a result of hard work in a day, working late in the night especially when revising for an exam or working to meet some set deadlines. Such sleep is considered normal and is seen as a way of the body trying to repay the time that should have been spent in sleep. If your oversleeping is due to fatigue, don’t worry. That’s normal.

Oversleeping can be as a result of a severe medical issue and requires proper attention whenever experienced. It could be as a result of the following reasons;


Depression is one of the major causes of oversleeping of sleep. Though depression affects people differently, oversleeping may be familiar to many people because the brain cells are tired in the state of depression. To find out whether you are depressed, you have to check if you are showing other depression symptoms such as poor concentration, loss or weight gain, delayed thinking, low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, feeling unwanted and unappreciated. It’s advisable to visit your doctor once you suspect you might be suffering from depression to receive professional care that will see your sleep pattern come back to normal.

Sleeping sickness

Sleeping sickness is another major cause of oversleeping. As the name suggests, it’s a sleeping sleekness where a person can sleep at any place and at any time. This condition makes one sleep excessively and may be caused by a bite from Tse Tse flies or narcolepsy which is a condition in which the brain is unable to control the cycles of sleep. This condition is common in hot areas especially near pools of water or herds of cattle. If you suspect to have this condition, please visit your doctor for further assistance.

Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea occurs due to frequent interruptions of the breathing pattern which affects the bodies’ ability to refresh itself during the night. One wakes up very tired in the morning and feels like they haven’t had enough sleep and therefore the tendency to oversleep. Some of the common symptoms of sleep apnea include drowsiness, forgetfulness and headaches. Please consult your doctor if you experience any of these symptoms.


When you are ill, you are likely to have an unusual sleep pattern. It’s the bodies’ mechanism to hibernate through sleep in sickness to reduce the general functioning of the body to provide further attention to fighting disease-causing micro-organism. If you feel ill, you need to visit your doctor for a diagnosis.

Sleeping Drugs

Taking sleeping pills before you go to bed can be the cause for your oversleeping. The drugs interfere with the regular sleeping pattern of the body by interfering with the brain sleep cycle which ends up making one oversleep. If you desire to stop the abnormal sleeping pattern, it’s advisable to prevent the intake of the sleeping pills or consult your doctor for guidance.


Staying without a job can be a great motivator to oversleeping. In the hard economic periods, being without a job means lack of an income and consequently lack of basic needs. This may lead to stress and depression which is a significant cause of oversleeping. Being unemployed also leads to interrupted sleeping patterns which may lead to oversleeping.

Sleep is essential, and every effort to make sure that the sleep pattern is reasonable should be taken to promote healthy living.